Delays and etc

Well, after last week’s toradora, I’ve been pretty sick… and I have exams this week, so… expect delays for Akikan. -A-;

However, I will try my fucking best to work on Toradora on time.

Sorry for the inconvenience m(_ _)m

135 Responses to “Delays and etc”

  1. 1 TheWashitsu

    Best of luck in recovering. Toradora > Akikan definitely.

  2. 2 vicsaurus

    Dag yo, lol I’m still pulling my hair out in anticipation after ep 21. Get well soon or I may be completely bald.

  3. 3 DunderAxel

    Aww, oh well.
    Thanks again for your hard work!

  4. 4 Calan

    CoalGuys editor here. I will edit with no TL if my kawaii translator does not feel better/have time soon. I mean, I pretty much change all the translations anyway (I am that good at editing) so it shouldn’t be too hard to write them from scratch.

  5. 5 dudeman

    If this episode of Toradora happens to be in Spanish, I’ll translate it for you.

    I got yo back nigga.

  6. 6 A.Crush

    Taking the first part of the week off to recover for translating Toradora sounds like a plan. Get well soon.

  7. 7 Warlord Kentax

    I’m a big fan of Akikan, but I like toradora better (no surprise) even if it were the other way around, I’d still say toradora over akikan just cause so many are following it.

    Thanks, Get well soon.

  8. 8 BlueDragon

    Don’t worry no need to rush anything if your not feeling well just get better soon 🙂

  9. 9 mirumu

    Hope you’re feeling better soon and good luck with the exams too. Many thanks for the effort.

  10. 10 Fhal

    Tnx for the hardwork man. You get better is way more important than any anime. We’ll get them sooner or latter anyway, so stick with your top priorites. Will be hard to wait more for TD but we’ll live. >.<

  11. 11 toradora

    its ok concentrate on toradora akikan can wait

  12. 12 Kenecix

    Take Care n Many Thanks

  13. 13 Aeren

    Good luck!

    And HL ftw 🙂

  14. 14 Takatsukasa

    Take it easy dude, we can wait..

  15. 15 The Enemy

    I’m going through midterms myself and it would suck have to do so with sick. Just get some rest, get through exams and then worry about fansubs.

  16. 16 Icy-nee-san

    Although I like Akikan I’d way rather have Toradora right now… epically after last episode o)_(o

    Hope you get better~

  17. 17 Fax Payne

    Toradora > Akikan

  18. 18 Btown

    @CoalGuys — ^_^ —
    To be honest… The ONLY reason I download Akikan is because you guys host it. I watched the entire first episode, and just feel in love with Toradora! instead. But then I was like hell, they take the time to sub it, I’ll take the time to seed it! Yes, I AM awesome like that. (Same for all the other stuff you sub. lawlz)

    Get well soon.. I love you.. for real.. :X

    p.s. You should totally sub the new Full Metal Alchemist episodes when the come out, I’d like.. Pay in sexual favors… O_O

    w00t! w00t!

  19. 19 Warlord Kentax

    I’m so much like Minori, crazy on the outside, serious on the inside.

  20. 20 Rerudem

    GWS CoalGuys!

  21. 21 Elea

    get well soon !

  22. 22 Z

    Get better first, I personally have enough other things I can watch/do to kill time till you get them out. I also think the new Fullmetal Alchemist would be worth subbing.

  23. 23 ACelta

    Hey don’t worry, just stay healthy and do your best in your exams =D
    By the way my first post! >.<

  24. 24 zmsx

    Hope you feel better soon, its that time a year when everyones getting sick, i myself just got over something. actually so did my dog which is strange since dogs rarely get sick. Try takin some comtrec’s (i think thats how they spell it) that usually knocks it out pretty quick. always works for me. Good luck on your exams.

  25. 25 Shawshaw

    Thanks for the effort on Toradora.

  26. 26 Packard20

    It’s cool bro, just get well soon.

  27. 27 Ichigo-chan

    aww, hope you get well soon!

  28. 28 General Cow

    Thanks a bunch for the work man. Don’t burn yourself out. Get well and hit them exams hard.

  29. 29 AnimeJunky

    Hey don’t worry about dude. Hope you get better soon.^^

  30. 30 Solman

    Even though I depend on you for my weekly Toradora fix, health is more important as the old saying goes: “A Healthy Translator is a Happy Translator and a Happy Translator makes Happy Fans”.

    Get well soon ^_^

  31. 31 Detective


  32. 32 Shariq

    Hey, thank you for all your hard work. Get well soon. I hope you do well on your exams. 🙂

  33. 33 Arekou

    Yo, dude. Thanks for everything you’ve done so far. Don’t worry about it! Get better and pass your exams, that’s what’s important.

  34. 34 anonymoose

    feel better bro, thanks for your hardwork

  35. 35 darkzro

    BED REST IS A MUST FOR IT IS IN YOU WE TRUST. The Fansubber of course XD. aside from that may the God’s of anime bless you with healing and Teachers at your school be easy on you ^_^.

  36. 36 darkzro

    sry to put this here but i have no clue to use this websites forum activity but i wanted to ask what’s the difference between CoalGuys and Coalgirls?

    aside from that. i would like to let the fans of Coal Guys know something for the next series choice they would like to see. as i noticed you have Queen’s Blade and Shangri-la.

    First of all i would like to say about Queen’s Blade that it is an excellent show to sub next. 1. There is an excellent main char cast. im pretty sure you guys know about Aya Hirano ^_^(Suzumiya Haruhi) Ayako Kawasumi(Too many good animes to name) and Mamiko Noto(also too many to name. if you want to see their work in anime check out this link

    and the 2nd anime Shangri-la is created by an awesome staff.

    feel free to read at that link.

    to the owner of the site i apologize if i have posted this in the wrong place or have inconvenienced you in any way for doing so.

  37. 37 Shinigami

    Because of Toradora I’m gonna forgive you (lol has if there was any need to forgive – Your doing this free of charge dude!)

  38. 38 Desp

    I’d just like to pile in my regards among the others here. I hope you get well soon and keep up the awesome work. The subs are really nice, this goes out to all the Coalguys working behind the scenes too.

  39. 39 BowenArrow

    I hope you die, CoalGuy

  40. 40 Silent Xenocide

    Does someone need to ask about CoalGirls every post or what?

  41. 41 EndlessDreams

    Toradora then Akikan then Asu no Yoichi


    best arrangement here

  42. 42 Hurrdurr

    I’m going to be the antichrist and say this:
    Akikan > Toradora

  43. 43 Btown

    “I’m going to be the Antichrist and say this:
    Akikan > Toradora”

    Well that’s one’s opinion…….
    *Throws Holy Water on Hurrdurr and yells “BURN FOR IT!”*


  44. 44 Luiakyn

    :S Hope you get better, soon. :/ Don’t stress yourself! I’m saying while foaming for Toradora! I can wait.

  45. 45 InuyashaX

    Hope you get well soon!

    Simply LOVE Toradora and Akikan!

    Your works are awesome!!!

  46. 46 RawrFear

    Oh no, you don’t have to force yourself with Akikan. Just drop the thing. Not only does it suck beyond imagination, but there’s another group doing it too – a good way to end drama is by not doing the same shows all the time. Just focus on Toradora. =]

  47. 47 POWER TOOL

    Don’t die… Anyways get some sleep, overdose on vitamin C, and inject yourself with morphine, you’ll feel fine in a matter of hours!

    Looking forward to Toradora whenever it may be released.

  48. 48 Hatake

    We don’t need Akikan.

    But we do need Toradora.

    Feel better tho, I’m one of the people that are gonna wait till the next four episodes come out to watch again, hate cliffhangers.

  49. 49 Reinhard von Musel

    Got one word for ya
    Getting well soon>Toradora>grades at school>Akikan

  50. 50 hurr

    Getting well soon > Grades at school > ToraDora
    Fixed that one for ya. Also, I couldn’t find a fitting place to include Akikan in the previous sentence…

  51. 51 nowai

    TORADORA>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>getting well soon>>>>>>>>>>grades>>>akikan

  52. 52 Ваван

    Бодрячком пацанчик, мы с тобой!

  53. 53 David Ikari

    Hope the recovery goes well, and same too for the exams! Take the time you need. I’m sure we can all wait for Toradora when there’s more important things to get done.

    Thanks for the hard work you’ve already put in!

  54. 54 Rankao

    Take your time! don’t die on us!



  56. 56 Dest

    March 4, 2009 at 10:56 am

    Getting well soon > Grades at school > ToraDora
    Fixed that one for ya. Also, I couldn’t find a fitting place to include Akikan in the previous sentence…

    There would be a nice place to add Akikan:
    Getting well soon > Grades at school > ToraDora > Various Stuff > Various Stuff > More Stuff > Now a week would have to last for 10 days > Akikan 😉

  57. 57 :(

    No akikan? No pay!

  58. 58 Zephyrum

    ::gives you some chicken soup::

  59. 59 OtakuBunny


    BUUUUT not before you get beter :p *hopes he survives that long without his toradora fix*

  60. 60 Randinskilus

    I agree with alot of people, just drop Akikan atleast this week if not more and worry bout gettin better school then toradora! Cant wait for this weeks toradora! You Pwn ALL!

  61. 61 Etoh

    Get well soon!

  62. 62 Radiance

    Why do you even bother with akikan? its not toradorable 8(.

    Get well soon.

  63. 63 Mr. Right

    don’t kill yourself… delays are ok- compared to you overworking and incapacitating yourself in the process

  64. 64 Kobaïan

    Kobaïa iss de hündïn

  65. 65 Drummin

    Don’t worry about it being a bit late. Get well and do a kick ass job like you always do.

  66. 66 Tony

    Musttt have akikannnnnnn >> i don’t see what you guys hate about it…
    it’s one of the good shows of the season =\

    buttt GOODLUCK with your exams 😉 school is way more important than this

    btw >> if the episode comes out to be in chinese i will gladly translate it for you

  67. 67 Tricky

    Get well soon, I can wait for toradora (goona see watchmen in about 25 hours).

    Just endure through it, 3 episodes left to go.

  68. 68 Tom

    No problem man, you’re working hard, no wonder why you got sick…get better soon and good luck on your exams!

  69. 69 SweetLucky

    No problem ^^ get well soon, thanks anyway for ur hardwork (:

  70. 70 Silent Xenocide

    Akikan>Toradora, obviously you guys.

  71. 71 Trolladora

    Lot of Toradora fags ITT

  72. 72 mudduck

    Don’t worry too much about Toradora, I myself love the show, and have followed it since the begining, but when your sick, your sick, get better first, I have a feeling the next episode will be kinda slow anyway, It’s building up to the big ending anyway, but i have a feeling the show is going to have a bad ending anyway, anything other than a Ryuuji, Taiga pairing in the end will be horrible, and i want to see a last minute pairing where he finally figures it out that he does love her, but I;ll just cross my fingers and hope for the best

    If they do not get together, i will burn the first 2 DVDs i have of this and never buy another one, But I could be lying, I do love this series

  73. 73 mudduck

    did i use the word anyway enough in the last post LOL

  74. 74 BattelcryZombie

    Is there ANYONE out there who wants to see Ryuji get together with Minori? Seriously, anyone other than myself?
    Take it easy, CoalGuy, get better!

    And tell us what you think! Who do you want to get together? (We know your pissed at Minori for talking so fast at the end of ep. 20, but, you know, subbing issues aside…)

  75. 75 Snowjay

    I WOULD, I really would like to see Ryuji with Minori, too bad it probably wont happen though.

    Oh and get well soon! TY for all the TD so far s well 🙂

  76. 76 Lier


  77. 77 Darnella

    i really want to see the next episode of toradora hyakko make it kudasai =P

    hope you get well soon take care

  78. 78 Leonardo

    Delay the release man, nothing is more important than your education & health. I think i can survive more than one week w/o Toradora!

  79. 79 aseal25

    Take Your Time! your health is important than anything else >>>>

  80. 80 Lier

    HOAMMM………. health is not important, The important is your release that’s ALL. HAHA. It’s your fault getting sick. I hate people use sick as reason didn’t do they work. HEY COALGUY REMEMBER I HAVE ALREADY PAY YOU TO DO SUBBING. YEAH I PAY YOU , I PAY YOU USING THE FAKE WORD “DONATION”!

  81. 81 hurry up


  82. 82 Thornq

    I say NyQuil FTW (the liquid kind).
    Nothing like some green liquid death in a bottle to blow your system!

    Too bad that vicks bought them up though, it doesnt quite have that hit-with-a-bat effect quite like it did before…

    Anyhoo get better soon so i can soothe my addiction (yes i’m an selfish bastard i admit it).

  83. 83 empty

    sup minori fags?

    personally – i would shoot her in the face with a shotguns worth of rusty nails then make her do lines of salt till she stops being so fucking happy…. silly bitch 😛

    get well soon and all… but please, pump out the last few eps of toradora so i can have some closure on stuff 😛

    also: toradora>getting well>school>the ‘do not rip off’ tags on mattresses>CP>that guy with the two fake legs on my name is earl>ITT>Potatoes>Subjects of Techno Viking>You>Lost>connectives such as ‘the’>Game>Akikan

    ‘Getting well soon > Grades at school > ToraDora
    Fixed that one for ya.’ –

    i bet you cant even triforce newfag…

    to summarise – Toradora NAO!

  84. 84 Yanagi

    best of luck recovering from your sickness, and good luck on exams ^_^

  85. 85 Yanagi 2

    yeah and good luck @ releasin toradora soon

  86. 86 Tzitzi09

    Toradora is the best! U haters!

  87. 87 br

    i’m looking forward to you release 22ep. fighto!

  88. 88 OtakuBunny

    From what I’ve seen, I think the whole world is waiting for a coalguys sub on Toradora since it’s impossible to find a sub if it hasn’t been released yet by you guys :p.
    Another point that shows how imba your subs are 😀 :D.

  89. 89 EndlessDreams

    FARKKKKKKKKKKKK I can’t wait for Toradora 22th EP !!!

    OMG I’ll stay until 3pm today waiting for u guys…

    The light novel for Toradora has ended, volume 10 is the last volume.

    22th EP doesn’t had anything much but 23-24th EP is when Ryuji finally understand everything also Taiga too !

    I can’t really wait for it dude !

    OMG OMG OMG everytime I talk bout this my heart is beating fast and I’m going to die here on the front of my laptop

  90. 90 A.Crush

    Cherry Nyquil FTW

    As for an ending, hopefully Ryuji gets BOTH Minorin AND Taiga and they agree to share him in some kind of crazy nontraditional ending. What could be better than having two cute girls go for you? Well….maybe if they let Ami join in too. :3

  91. 91 icelandic girl

    Even though I am dying to see the new Toradora..and everybody else, we have no right to push you guys 🙂
    so take care and hopefully Toradora comes soon 😀

  92. 92 anon

    admin needs make a favicon

  93. 93 Frank

    I hope you guys get better soon. And it’s not like we need Akikan to live :).
    It’s pure fan service. Lol

  94. 94 anony

    Thanks for your hard work.

  95. 95 Lops

    Health is important ofcourse, but waiting isnt my strong point so could someone kindly tell me where to get 22 rav?

  96. 96 Lops

    uh… raw*
    Thanks :p

  97. 97 Luiakyn

    I usually watch the raws on Youtube.

  98. 98 EndlessDreams

    youtube quality normally sucks

    I usually watch the raws from Veoh

  99. 99 Fieryfate

    Get the raw here:!

    It’s in HD MP4 format.

  100. 100 Azi

    It’s my b-day today, and all i want is Toradora! ( ; .;)

  101. 101 TT-TT


  102. 102 A.Crush

    torrents for RAWs of ep. 22 are all over the place.

    Search “Toradora 22” on any torrent site, or type into any search engine.

  103. 103 James

    Man i’m so hard right now thanks CoalGuys

  104. 104 Ani

    Even though i love toradora so much, and normally i’d be all like “screw it, forget your health and put out my toradora!!!” I too am sick so I can be more sympathetic today ^_^

    Health > Studying for Midterms > Toradora

    Hope you get better soon. I will suggest Sudafed (sp?) cause it’s awesome. Though nothing is more awesome than just feeling better.

  105. 105 milkmandan


  106. 106 Nanahara

    hope you get better! and good luck on your exams!! waiting patiently for toradora

    ps. you guys are THE SHIT!!!

  107. 107 fatains

    saiyaman page are one for toradora 22 in raw,

    Sex/health/soccer/family/friends/toradora XD

  108. 108 Gogo!

    Dude, don’t worry about Toradora being on time. I love the anime but you know I think most of us appreciate you subbing this so soon every week that you can be late a couple of times. Your health is more important than our satisfactation xD get well soon

  109. 109 Btown

    icelandic girl
    March 5, 2009 at 4:26 pm

    Even though I am dying to see the new Toradora..and everybody else, we have no right to push you guys 🙂
    so take care and hopefully Toradora comes soon 😀

    Thats hawt….
    I agree though, take your time mate, no rush 🙂

  110. 110 Fludbucket

    Dont worry get feeling better most of us are mature enough to understand. Keep subbing Coal guys

  111. 111 Mezentius

    Screw you and your sickness. Real men kill bacteria/viruses with sheer willpower.

  112. 112 milkmandan

    i totally agree. sheer willpower can accomplish ANYTHING.

  113. 113 Ikari

    Toradorable… Lol

    Get well man, we’ll wait. We have to.

  114. 114 empty

    motherfucker, falcon punch this sickness away and get to work in the fansub sweatshop again…

    waiting is like watching twilight – gay…

  115. 115 Youtube Subs
  116. 116 jcs

    f ur utube. i lik teh coalgaiz cuz ther coal

    On a different note, I spent my time waiting for Toradora by looking up Rie Kugimiya, and Zero no Tsukaima sounded interesting. I watched every episode in less than 24 hours. Had to do my 10-page assignment in a few hours and had to pick a topic, make a presentation and present it tonight…gah. The last two seasons weren’t as good as the first – kind of pulled a DBZ in my opinion. And that ending was a bigger kick in the balls than Rozen Maiden. I wish some crummy cross-over vortex opens and Taiga beats the shit out of Louise. …and they both call the main male character a dog. Coincidence? The shows aren’t the original sources so I wouldn’t know.

  117. 117 Waiting ahhhh

    Even though I was looking forward to thursday, your health overall is more important. Hope you get well and do good on exams.

    Ya as I was first watching Toradora, it kind of in a way reminded me of zero no tsukaima with taiga and louise. If you also see what Rie Kugimiya has voiced for you’ll see hayate no gotoku and shakugan no shana which also the main character of those kind of related to taiga. Kind of funny how I thought they all had same personality and close voice and then I found out.

  118. 118 AnimeJunky

    Don’t take this the wrong way but I’m getting antsy for Akikan. LOL =P Melon-Melon-Meloooooooooooon. BTW Hows the recovery coming along?

  119. 119 ET

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