Asu no Yoichi! 08

Hey guys, remember when anime was good? I’m not sure if I do

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P.S. Regarding our donations, our target is now 58e/month, we changed it because we realized we’ll never get an encoding server (IT’S LIKE A DREAM), moreover, I already spend 600$ myself getting a new computer, so whatever. Once again, thanks to those who have already donated. (donations.txt will be updated soon)

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  1. 1 Shenhua

    First? *CHEERS* and now watching…..

  2. 2 TheWashitsu

    Woot! CoalGuys FTW!! Thanks!!

  3. 3 Ruben

    Thank you

  4. 4 @@@

    so are widescreen versions of Asu no Yoichi ever coming out?

    i’m too fucking lazy

  5. 5 kaoru

    BS-i sucks anyway. Wait for DVD’s lol.

  6. 6 BowenArrow

    I’d donate if you guys weren’t such faggots

  7. 7 Dearka

    thx coalguys!

  8. 8 Karin

    I will try donating to this group..i love ur sub coalguys.
    thanks for Asu no Yoichi ep8 =D

  9. 9 Cyber1

    Thanks for script. And, BTW, it’s “about”, not “aobut” at 6:47.

  10. 10 Johnny Showed Up Lately

    Thanks for the episode guys…

    @ BowenArrow, takes one to know one you pillow biter…

  11. 11 P

    Thnx for the release..!!

  12. 12 Zenchi

    Gj and ty for releasing another episode.

  13. 13 Rewston

    Thanks Coal :3

  14. 14 Zenchi

    6:45 What are you talking aobut?

    Its mispelled.

  15. 15 DunderAxel

    Read the post above before you make a dupe.
    AND LOLBTW, you misspelled misspelled. Irooonyy!

  16. 16 answer pls!

    when do(es) asu no yoichi and akikan usually air/release @ coalguys??? (wich day)….i dont want to always check this site!

    sorry for my bad english…. please someone tell me

    and thx 4 asu no 08 (=

  17. 17 ledah ironwing

    it releases between saturday and sunday sometimes friday

  18. 18 The_Unknownz

    Thanks for the asu no yoichi 8~ When will K-ON starts, anyone knows? ~Lazy to search~

  19. 19 kraunklaun

    yey.. thanks for this new ep =3

    and btw who’s the girl on the banner?? or what anime is it from..

  20. 20 uhm

    @kraunklaun are you kidding? also iirc the banner changes, so it could be Akikan! or Asu no Yoichi or w/e


    but we watch anyways!!! amirite?!?!?

  21. 21 Moargazm

    Encoding server… wat

  22. 22 BlueDragon

    Awesome Thank You 😀

  23. 23 MangaMaster99

    1) nice
    2) yeah about the spelling errors will there be a patch or a version 2 at least for people who want to preserve this series in their library

  24. 24 Megas

    I’m too old to remember when anime didn’t suck but if I had to take a stab at it, I would say 2003 & later. After that, everything was an avert copy of the next. Sequels started too crap out BS as well. Nothing is original anymore. Even before 2003, everything was cookiecutter fanserivce shiitzola but alot of it was original so we didn’t care. This anime is straight out of that era & that’s why is so damn bad.

  25. 25 Katajero

    Sure anime is getting crap with the increased level of ecchiness… but hell I can’t stop watching it. Casshern Sins is an anime which ain’t so bad, kinda unique too 🙂

  26. 26 MangaMaster99

    to me ttgl is bad ass there are very few anime that can make a grown man cry but that’s only if they are original or have a very good story line like 1-2 a year are actually good enough to do this you will come upon these only a few times in this day and age with all the crap ecchiness and other shit they do just to get more people to watch tv to get them turn out money for service and products just because it has a good selling point to leech off our primal desires for the perfect mate and we become delusional at they are just some ink blots on several sheets of paper and have a made up background and personality and have similarities of that we would desire in a mate and resemble in some films our selves in some cases like that of a mirror image

  27. 27 Kupi

    Thx a lot!

  28. 28 Drax

    @Coal Guys. When anime was good? Cowboy Bebop!

  29. 29 AnimeJunky

    Thanks for the release. No matter what, I still love this anime. ^.^

  30. 30 Basioony

    @Coal Guys

    Watch Gintama, it’s Shonen Jump black horse and the best ongoing anime.

  31. 31 Basioony

    Not to mention, really funny.. just watch this clip from ep 11

  32. 32 Crimson King

    I think the best anime came out in the 90s. Animation not great ,but entertaining.

  33. 33 Boogstyle

    great stuff, thanks again CoalGuys.

  34. 34 Zenchi

    DunderAxel just wanted to make sure its there i dont read any post in here.

  35. 35 Shawshaw


  36. 36 XFallingHail

    TAYUTAMA FTW!!! Thanks for this episode CoalGuys. 🙂

  37. 37 Z

    Seriously I have looked into K-ON! and have no idea why it is so popular. I personally think it just seems like a crappy story. Then again I could be wrong and get addicted to it when it gets subbed. Oh and thanks for everything CoalGuys!

  38. 38 Anonymous

    K-On is popular because it’s KyoAni. Only reason.

  39. 39 Silent Xenocide

    Why would K-ON! have a good story?

  40. 40 Silent Xenocide

    Also a comment on ‘when anime was good’. Remember that most anime that airs is based off of manga or games, so if you think that anime is starting to become recycled or no good, then look at manga or games that they are based on as the culprit.

  41. 41 girls on girls

    The only great anime is Code Geass and Gurren Lagann and a few others.

  42. 42 Houndeye


  43. 43 Takatsukasa

    I’ll be waiting for next episode.. As they copy one of the scene from the manga.. Angela in her neko outfit.. ^o^

  44. 44 Basioony

    @girls on girls

    Those are some great animes. but at the same time both of them had a not-so-good second half (R2 for Geass – Second arc for Gurren Lagann) .. both of them aren’t based on manga, so that should answer “Silent Xenocide”.

  45. 45 Dillon

    R2 and Lagann were epic Anime
    The plot twists made them epic and was mind blowing.
    they define anime, basically they were the shit.
    I dont know what you are talkin bout

  46. 46 Magnus369

    What kind of system were you looking at for an encoding server? Got a list of requirements?

  47. 47 Frank

    Thank you 🙂

  48. 48 Yahoouj

    Really good work about this website was done. Keep trying more – thanks!

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