Dear Chihiro:

Dear Chihiro,
After seeing this, I was really, really, really, really touched.
I mean, what else could you say after seeing a man goes on a pilgrimage to Meiji Shrine for the sake of his dream?

That’s right, nothing else, because a man’s dream is to be respected; a man with a dream for the sake of benefiting others should be respected even more.

We are willing to offer a chance to make a man’s dream come true, in other words a joint on K-ON!. I think it will be an honor and an extraordinary experience to work with such unique staff.

Please consider it, I’m sure we can learn lots and lots from each other. On top of that, you can also make a man’s dream come true.

Please do contact us if you’re interested!


211 Responses to “Dear Chihiro:”

  1. 1 TheWashitsu

    WTF?! ROFL!!!!!!! I don’t believe it. But hey, the world might really be coming to an end.

  2. 2 BowenArrow

    Dear CoalGuys, Please lend us a hand on our fansubbing group. I am this close to blowing my brains out because we have no typesetter or translator. Please, I’ll suck your dicks.


  3. 3 Stefan


  4. 4 Nazarielle

    I’m not sure that’s possible, even with the help of CoalGuys

  5. 5 BowenArrow

    #[email protected]

    If you want to contact us. I will suck your penis, CoalGuy.


  6. 6 Liquifier

    Is this your laziness to fansub kicking in…

  7. 7 NEET

    正直、ワロタ。 けどさ それにしても翻訳者としてChihiroに入って来たばかりの小生がいる限り 皆さんのニーズとはドンピシャだって思うヨ!( ̄ー ̄)

    ともかくライバル団体のお前らへも、 ∃ □ =ノ 勹_〆(・・ )

    ちなみにあの御神籤、ありえない程上手い変更。 作者さん乙。 


  8. 8 tirentu

    Honestly, I’d understand a decent fansub group talking down on Chihiro, but seriously, you’re not any better.
    Both of you need to realize that you suck, and move on with your lives instead of trolling each other.

  9. 9 Khem


  10. 10 DunderAxel

    I don’t want to be mean or anything, but when is Akikan going to be released?


  11. 11 tripledouble

    i laughed

  12. 12 つんでれ

    LMAO 😀

  13. 13 Kenadian

    And you guys were supposed to hate the fan subber drama? Please.

    Bad show, real bad show.

  14. 14 lol


  15. 15 Cyber1

    Guys, you didn’t expect them to agree in first place, did you?
    ’cause if the picture is real and table indeed belongs to one of Chihiro’s staff, it was pretty stupid to start negotiations with “you’re bad, let’s cooperate” instead of “let’s cooperate”. If it’s fake/impersonating, then trolling obviously won’t lead to joint project. Anyway, using “open letter” format for such matter and categorizing it as “Rant” seems pretty fishy/stupid as well.
    If you really want to cooperate, contact them directly.

  16. 16 mX

    Chihiro is much better than you coalguys!!
    u wanna know why? they release XVID

    there are more reasons why they’re better, but too lazy to type them…
    now go make XVID’s you wanna be’s

  17. 17 coal

    chihiro jointing with u doesn’t solve anything

    u produce crap chinese translations and calan manages to cover up the flaws in them since he’s a good editor then u are too insecure to admit to the flaws in your translations and to fix this u attack other groups translators trying to make them look horrible at what they do

    hate fansub drama? then don’t start it


  18. 18 enemy

    H264 4 teh win!

  19. 19 Essdus

    Yeah…you HATE fansub drama, and you are always the ones STARTING IT. You have a really strange way of getting your kicks. What did you gain from this troll? Did your e-penis get an erection?

  20. 20 Waryas

    You guys do realize Jaka doesn’t care about what you think ?
    The post itself is merely sarcasm.

  21. 21 Essdus

    But he’s ALREADY prover his a immature troll with no life. Why continue?

  22. 22 Koniac

    Because you touch yourself at night.

  23. 23 Essdus

    Well….that pretty much sums up CoalGuys and their fans: trolls and 13 year old brats.

  24. 24 Koniac

    And Chihiro and their fans are any different?

  25. 25 koonkang

    why are you subgroups arguing? if you two want to compete, dont do it using stupid trolling tactics, do it by making subs better and faster!

    i don’t get why you have a problem anyway, your both the same. You sub anime cause you like anime and want to help viewers who do not speak the language but still enjoy anime.

    I dont see why a team up would be a bad idea, but even if you dont wanna joint project, atleast respect each other ¬_¬.

  26. 26 grippa

    Haha people get so angry over nothing. You should all go back to the beginning and of this post and re-read the whole thing. I bet you will be embarrassed.

  27. 27 troll

    >> why are you subgroups arguing? if you two want to compete, dont do it using stupid trolling tactics, do it by making subs better and faster!

    chihiro has yet to troll coalguys
    this is a one sided subgroup argument
    this is a one sided troll
    don’t say “two”
    say “you”

  28. 28 Silent Xenocide

    I don’t understand why people defend Chihiro.

  29. 29 Libera

    I lawled.

    Also lawled at the XVID comment, like anyone still watches DIVX. Either use CCCP, get a computer made before 2000, or stream MKVs through TVersity.

  30. 30 Silent Xenocide


    You should read the comments on Chihiros releases, at least like 5 people every time as for the Xvid. It’s disgusting.

  31. 31 Shuffleblade

    Well I do like coalguys releases I think the translations are unusualy accurate but while you do have some fansubbing skills obviously… Your character sucks…..

  32. 32 Rerudem

    Do ppl really take life this seriously???

    Keep up the good work guys & gals….I enjoy laughing!

  33. 33 Icy-nee-san

    There isnt enough face palm in the world to make me feel any better :p

  34. 34 Crimson King

    You guys should not be fighting each other you should be fighting Crunchyroll for buying subbing rights for anime and sucking horribly at it… damn crunchyroll

    we already have domfortress for that

  35. 35 Soulshade

    That pic is respectable but lol a joint on k-on!? lol ur kidding me that show is terrible..




  37. 37 toupeira

    CoalGuys you guy’s suck.
    chihiro is 99 times better then you
    and they don’t care about you’re jokes
    you are just showing you’re childreness

  38. 38 @@@

    sure is trolls trolling trolls in here

  39. 39 AnimeJunky

    LMAO Nice sarcasm Coalguys. I love it.^^ Yall are a hell of alot better than Chihiro.=]

  40. 40 Waryas

       _,,….,,_  _人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人_
    -””:::::::::::::`”>    TAKE IT EASY!!!    <
    ヽ::::::::::::::::::::: ̄^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^ ̄
     |::::::;ノ´ ̄\:::::::::::\_,. -‐ァ     __   _____   ______
     |::::ノ   ヽ、ヽr-r'”´  (.__    ,´ _,, ‘-´ ̄ ̄`-ゝ 、_ イ、
    _,.!イ_  _,.ヘーァ’二ハ二ヽ、へ,_7   ’r ´          ヽ、ン、
    ::::::rー”7コ-‐'”´    ;  ‘, `ヽ/`7 ,’==─-      -─==’, i
    r-‘ァ'”´/  /! ハ  ハ  !  iヾ_ノ i イ iゝ、イ人レ/_ルヽイ i |
    !イ´ ,’ | /__,.!/ V 、!__ハ  ,’ ,ゝ レリイi (ヒ_]     ヒ_ン ).| .|、i .||
    `!  !/レi’ (ヒ_]     ヒ_ン レ’i ノ   !Y!””  ,___,   “” 「 !ノ i |
    ,’  ノ   !'”    ,___,  “‘ i .レ’    L.’,.   ヽ _ン    L」 ノ| .|
     (  ,ハ    ヽ _ン   人!      | ||ヽ、       ,イ| ||イ| /
    ,.ヘ,)、  )>,、 _____, ,.イ  ハ    レ ル` ー–─ ´ルレ レ´

    Getting angry at a troll .. trolled brah

  41. 41 HathawayNoa

    I’m actually pretty disappointed in you guys. I don’t think I’ll be back. Now, off for some ZKC from my new favorite sub group.


  42. 42 Rizaria

    Wow, that was a great read. xD Some real idiots sure do like to post their comments here.

    Nice post CoalGuys, keep up the good work. [By which I mean subs, not particularly posts like this one that inflame people for whatever reasons they care to mention. Although, whatever works. Have fun. xD]

  43. 43 Anonymous bastard

    why is it that nobody gets satire? happened yesterday with gg replacing the OP of gundam in a piss-take of fansubbing in general, and now all you faggots can’t seem to get fucking [i]jokes[/i].

    also xvid sucks, everyone should release h264 mkv’s with chapters only.

  44. 44 Anonymous

    Obviously because gg’s OP didn’t target a specific group. Oh, and it was actually entertaining. This isn’t satire, it’s just being an asshole.

  45. 45 CoalGuys

    wait! wait! wait!

    what the fuck are you guys talking about?

    i’m trying to pull up a joint, i don’t really see how you guys interpret this as sarcasm/troll or whatever…

    what the fuck, you guys are obviously not taking the internet seriously enough.

  46. 46 AnimeJunky

    LOL I usually never take the interwebz seriously.=P

  47. 47 Anonymous

    The way to a joint is not by saying “You guys suck, let us help you.”

  48. 48 Libera

    I don’t like choosing sides in fansubbing, but Coalguys does speedy and relatively accurate subs while Chihiro is Chihiro. I’m going Coalguys here.

    Also, still lawling at xvid.

  49. 49 ##Tripfag

    Coalguys > Chihiro

    Nobody else’s opinion matters but mine.

  50. 50 Anonymous

    >Nobody else’s opinion matters but mine.

    Except for mine, obviously. Anon > *

  51. 51 Ugghhh

    I Like both you guys… and speaking of other fansub groups, are you guys involved with coalgirls, or did they just copy your name?

  52. 52 Koniac

    CoalGirls = a group that’s upscaling Toradora.

    They’re using a mix between all of the Toradora subs released from the groups (gg, qq, and CoalGuys). Eps. 1-4 from gg, 5-11 from qq, 12-25 from CoalGuys.

  53. 53 /a/nonymous

    I’ve seen quite a few comments about how Coalguys sucks because they don’t release Xvid.

    It’s not their fault you have shitty hardware. Go upgrade or wait for your shit QUALITY from some other shitty fansub group.

  54. 54 Anonymous

    O man joint project on K-On?!.. Seems like Moar High school musical rubbish..

  55. 55 BowenArrow

    I’d fuck a CoalGirl.

  56. 56 Ant on a moose

    I lol’d.
    Then lol’d more at BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW from Chihiro samefags.
    Then at xvid fag, who was probably a troll anyway, but was still funny.
    Then at the guy who though CoalGuys would care if he didn’t use their subs anymore.

    Thanks coalguys, you’ve gone above the call of duty.

  57. 57 HAHAHA

    What a retard at the guy who said he’s not coming back to this site. Who the fuck cares?

  58. 58 Stefan

    Id just to say, hitler is dead, so you can all stop trying to be nazis now.


  59. 59 beaner2k6

    haha I lol’d
    #1-if you still use xvid then u must be poorer then the people of my country
    #2-its a joke so why do people have to bitch wether either group sucks or not, I love anime and both groups have put the effort to get it to us earlier then waiting for it to be licensed or aired in our countries. I think both groups deserve our respect and laughs when they make a joke!

  60. 60 Sarreq Teryx

    meanwhile, instead of actually releasing episodes, you’re pulling this petty bullshit. I don’t care what the garbage between you and chihiro is, just do your thing and make us happy.

  61. 61 huy


    “It’s not their fault you have shitty hardware. Go upgrade or wait for your shit QUALITY from some other shitty fansub group.”

    “#1-if you still use xvid then u must be poorer then the people of my country”

    ROFLRFLORLFAHNAHLOLOLOL THANKS TO THOSE TWO LINES IVE BEEN LAUGHING FOR 10 MINUTES STRIAGHT LOLOL I CANT STOPP [email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected][email protected][email protected]#[email protected]# I DONT EVNE KNOW WHY IM IN HERE LOOLOLL

    okay its now 1min after i stoped laughing when are you gona release akikan :3, so bored waiting for my toradora to finsh downloading 😛

  62. 62 spoochan

    LOL at the xvid comments

    LOL at the idiotic emo guys defending each fansub group

    LOL at the faggots who think this is something serious and theit world is gonna end

  63. 63 Anonymous

    When is Akikan out, bros?

  64. 64 TsuchimiRin

    Be it that anyone suck or not, they are at least doing something for ppl who needs sub, be it chihiro, coalguys etc…better than ppl who does nothing and expect to get releases at the time they think they should get it etc….For those who are not doing anything but crying:”ur sub sucks!!! ur atitude sucks!!! bla bla bla” Go open ur own fansub group with real 100% accurate subs, high video quality and high speed release then. If certain fansubs group really sucks, why even bother going to their blog and criticize them? If you wanna criticize ppl, do it in the working world then, at least u still get paid and kill off ppl from their job and steal it.

  65. 65 huy

    LOL at the xvid comments

  66. 66 skyflier0

    I can’t believe you guys are fighting over two fan subbing groups. These two groups are subbing anime shows for FREE and you guys are comparing the two, they are doing this for the community of anime. I watch BOTH anime shows from Chihiro AND CoalGuys, they do a decent job so I’m not complaining. You guys are doing a good job, keep it up.

  67. 67 BlueDragon

    lol these comments are proof that there are alot of twisted bitter people in this world XD

    we need a Chihiro vs CoalGuys fans deathmatch I can just see the bloody mess now 😛

    thanks for hard work on Asu no Yoichi 07 I loved the swimsuits 😀 cant wait for next one

  68. 68 akikan-fanboi

    omg i did never know that something like fansubgroup fan-boys actually exist lol…thats sad

  69. 69 24601

    This is a fucking carnival of retardation. CoalGuys and Chihiro both fail harder than Lehman Brothers and have egos the size of the US national debt, how about you do something about that instead of wasting your time producing pointless drama?

    Most retarded of all is the bunch of commenters though. We got pretty fucking trolled.

  70. 70 Hamlon

    The man speaks the truth.

  71. 71 Malo

    I think both of the groups are just a collection of crazy WEEBS.
    Now i gotta go get more korean foods.

  72. 72 essiw

    I think you should stop making drama… you didn’t like it (thats what you said…) then why do you start it? I don’t see any articles on chihiro’s website saying you suck so why do you? Stop being a child, what are you 15? ( I watch anime of both Coalguys and Chihiro but I think this is a childish fight…)

  73. 73 tripledouble

    This is only funny because CaolGuys releases better quality at a faster rate. Why can’t you Chihiro nerds accept it?

  74. 74 BlueDragon

    @ essiw
    “Stop being a child, what are you 15? ( I watch anime of both Coalguys and Chihiro but I think this is a childish fight…)”

    lol that’s harsh and a little immature essiw 😛

    I wish I was able to do fansubs at 15 and run a website even if its full of haters 😉

    I really don’t see what all the fuss is about, the post is sarcastic at best but not a “fight” or “war” its not even insulting unlike the comments lmao

    I am 28 now and love watching anime and I don’t hate any fansub group, they all try even if a few fail with the English translation 😉

  75. 75 essiw

    Well thats what I thought when reading this… Also he said he is younger then taiga (which is 18)
    I was able to run a website at 15 too, but the fansubs are more difficult then that I think (never looked into fansubbing)
    They are fighting who’s best that’s why I called it a fight.
    I also don’t hate any fansub group 😉

  76. 76 Doomzzg

    Y’all be postin in a troll post. Unless there’s an official thing about it. Otherwise…

    Cool story bro.

  77. 77 Libera


    Lol at the Lehman Brothers comment.

  78. 78 Evelgest

    I love fansub drama.

  79. 79 AKIKAN>!


  80. 80 DuunderAxel

    Did you seriously forget about Akikan? >:

  81. 81 essiw

    … why are people always begging… no they didn’t forget akikan they always release it as fast as they can…

  82. 82 Essdus

    There’s just one thing I do not understand. Everyone says that CoalGuys are fighting with Chihiro. So far, Chihiro has done NOTHING in this “battle”. CoalGuys keep trolling, and Chihiro keeps ignoring them, and that is what pisses them off, actually.

  83. 83 Silent Xenocide

    Taiga is in her second year of High School so at most she is 17.

  84. 84 Waryas

    Jaka is 16

  85. 85 Phu

    You have to admit, this troll is pretty fucking badass for all the bullshit arguments/comments it has dragged out of the aggressors.

  86. 86 AKIKAN>!

    There is probably new OP and ED i Akikan, I understant that 😉
    But seriously, I’m an addict ;D

  87. 87 essiw

    @Silent Xenocide
    The editor of this site has said himself that she is 18 😉

  88. 88 Drax

    How about CoalGuys and Chihiro just sub the fucking anime? Leave all of the bullshit aside. You all sound like a bunch of girls with chlamydia from high school. Grow up.

  89. 89 Silent Xenocide

    I don’t care what you’re talking about, because Taiga is not 18.

  90. 90 Broseph

    One thing, Chihiro started it by posting on some forum all of the errors Coalguys made in one episode of some show they were subbing and some of them were real errors, but some of them were total reaches. That being said, Coalguys have escalated it needlessly, but this is amusing.

    Also, Chihiro fans are retarded.

    Taken from an imageboard:
    Just look at the comments on some of their posts:
    “coalguys absolutely suck, it’s them who haven’t created a single sub that doesn’t suck, not chihiro. And that “message” is so gay and stupid that only a total homo or a six-year-old could do such a thing. It’s tasteless. Chihiro is waaaaaaaaaaaaay better, be it subs or sense of humor.”
    “waah.. XviD later T_T”
    “who cares about coalguys they are nothing compared to almighty chihiro.”
    “domo arigatou Chihiro’

  91. 91 sudssE

    Essdus: I know that you’re a Chihiro member and I know that what you’re saying about Chihiro not thinking about CoalGuys is bullshit.

  92. 92 shinigamidono

    hahahahahaha. we wish the same for you chichiro

  93. 93 saccharin

    91 Responses to “Dear Chihiro:”

    What is this I don’t even

    well played, coalguys

  94. 94 Akikan

    ROTFL, there is another trolled release on Tokyo – Akikan Ep 7 by CoulGuys (U instead of A). I bet they are Chihiro.

  95. 95 rofl

    Best laugh of 2009 so far. I’m going to go die laughing now.

    I’m also amazed at how much activity this post is generating and how offended people are getting. Then again…

  96. 96 Xzibit

    I herd ya’ll like drama so I put some drama in yo drama so ya’ll can cry while you cry.

  97. 97 AnimeJunky

    I downloaded that damn spoof Akikan episode 7.=P I need Akikan.^^

  98. 98 Homerless

    Well, now I understand why I see a “COUL” guys sub on mininova… I believe Chihiro or someone else has struck back. As for fighting, hell, republicans & democrats do it, Ford & Chevy does it, UPS & the Post office do it: it’s human nature. That’s why people join gangs, to try and find an enemy so they can feel a sense of superiority. Screw it, people gotta do what people gotta do.

  99. 99 Derp

    lol i trol u

  100. 100 Anonymous


    Never heard of such a post, and of course, if you’re going to say Chihiro’s leechers insult CoalGuys, one could easily say the same about CoalGuys’ leechers insulting Chihiro.


    You’re a dumbass. Chihiro could never possibly troll guys as coal as this.

  101. 101 Frank

    My dream is to see the light of day when this happens. lol, not. I don’t think Chihiro are that bad. I mean they are good but not extraordinary fansubs.

  102. 102 zav

    holycow 101 comments Oo, anyways im waiting to higurashi rei right like a real obsessive freak and no caring about all this and akikan….. ant that what we all meant to be doing?

  103. 103 Flash Gordon

    Maturity’s not actually overrated, you know…

    But hey, if your dicks actually get bigger from bashing fansub groups, more power to ya 🙂

  104. 104 AnimeJunky

    Forget all this drama. I just want Akikan.=]

  105. 105 Crimson King

    @ zav
    Waiting for the same thing.

  106. 106 Jay

    Some people need to chill. Keep up the releases CG.

  107. 107 Giascle

    I don’t know what their other subs are like, but I watched Rosario + Vampire with Chihiro’s subs, and it looked like this literally every ten seconds. That was enough to put me off of them forever.

  108. 108 Silent Xenocide

    I’m sure it didn’t help that the anime itself was terrible right.

  109. 109 Irritated

    I can’t believe I just wasted my life reading this crap…. Coal and Chihiro both make decent anime fansubs…. As there is no group that releases all anime in fansub form there will be more then one group around… Bashing a group saying that you shouldn’t watch the releases they give out when you don’t release the anime that group does is the same thing as saying don’t watch anime we don’t like as well as being elitist etc…. As for those who expect perfect work from free releases… Screw you, seriously! Go make a group of your own and release things with no mistakes before talking further you childish greedy a-holes. That said, despite the probable “why how dare you?!?” reaction this comment might receive, I would like to end it with a thanks very much for your hard work CoalGuys… Yours and every other group out there trying to share anime with others freely…

  110. 110 Giascle

    @Silent Xenocide

    I knew someone would say that. I never said it wasn’t terrible; I did stop watching. I’m talking strictly about the subbing, encoding, etc.

  111. 111 Anonymous


    That’s an example of “ur doin it wrong”. Get CCCP.

  112. 112 Lies

    Giascle learn2not doctor an image.

    If it looked like that it was a corrupt download on your part or an improper setting on your pc. In addition the releases were 1280×720. That picture is 1280×800 with about 100 pixels of cropping noise on to and bottom.

  113. 113 Giascle

    I have a 13-inch Macbook (default resolution is 1280×800) and I was watching with Perian+Quicktime. I have not had any problems with other groups, and I downloaded the same video several times from the torrent and a couple different DDLs.

  114. 114 Chihi-d'oh

    You don’t really wanna join with Chihi-d’oh, right?
    This was just a troll, right?
    It’s a joke, right?
    Right? Right? RIGHT!?

    I was really looking forward to your K-ON! release, since you guys announced it, but if a “joint venture” with Chihi-d’oh will come true…then I hope a different subber will pick this one up (and it’s safe to say, someone else will def do so. ;D ).

  115. 115 Karin

    again “chihiro” they starting war with other site ~.~
    I remember Anime “World Destruction” i was following sub by “GoodBadSubs” they was faster more than chihiro but suddenly they stopping from sub World Destruction because of “chihiro”

    now i see “chihiro” Interfere with “coalguys” because of “coalguys” their releases faster more than from “chihiro” this is bothering chihiro lol

    i love releases by coalguys too much …please coalguys You should not subject them to chihiro is like “GoodBadSubs” they did before >=(

  116. 116 aero

    wtf guys…coalguys were serious this time, wtf is up with the troll. Can’t believe how you guys mistook their goodwill. but then again, I do agree that coalguy’s choice of words this time around wasn’t that tactful. oh well…

  117. 117 EndlessDreams

    Ok dude for me.

    I Hate That Fucking Chihiro !

    I had saw thier sub before. EX. World Destruction

    Ok they sucks, and I like ya better.

    I don’t care is the picture fake or not, I only mind about the project.

    Don’t stop the project dude ! I don’t want multi fansubs in my anime collection.


  118. 118 EndlessDreams

    Another thing…

    Chihiro files sucks !

    So many error interuptions.

    It’s not my laptop problem, it’s their fucking file that’s having problem.

    Thx for Akikan 7 Dude !

  119. 119 EndlessDreams

    Another thing lol !

    Chihiro always starts the fight.

    Dont mind them ’cause they’re assholes.

    Do wth every you need to do.

    PS. To Coalguys – You guys are fighting between Asu no Yoichi and Akikan, don’t let this interrupt my Toradora plz / I watch all of them lol…

  120. 120 violet

    i dont understand why your at war, does it really matter who subs what? and when its done? if people cant wait and only choose a group coz they can “get it out quicker”, whats the point in bitching about those that want to take they time, check everything though make sure its all done properly before releasing it? you cant have everything surely? and so what if 100 fan sub groups decide to do the same anime, they all entitled to do as they please as your only fansubbing not creating the bloody show, no legal rights are involved so there should be no problem right? just all except the fact they anyone can sub any anime thats coming out if they choose to 🙂

  121. 121 NEET

    HOW ABOUT YOU USE JAPANESE THAT MAKES SENSE DURR (i like ur minami ke tl) << 勝手にそんな事を言うなんてな・・・ まぁそんで自分だって日本語分かるかよという疑問もあるんじゃないですか。 とにかく間違ったところを教えてもらえばよし。

  122. 122 Lier

    Ah ieu urang lier maca na. coalguy jeung chihiro dua dua na loba bacot na. Lier urang mah…..

  123. 123 00

    this is becoming a war..isn’t it? -_-‘

  124. 124 Lier

    Enya siah ieu teh bakal perang titit siah antara si belegug coalguy jeung si cileupeng chihiro. Ceuk sia mana nu bakal meunang. Aing mah teu peduli sareng ieu,

  125. 125 Rerudem

    This is more entertaining than most of the anime I’ve seen recently.

  126. 126 Yuugu

    Why doesn’t both sides just shut the fuck up…

    Problem solved no?

    Who cares if Coalguys is provoking/insulting Chihiro, or vice versa.

    If neither group responds, nothing immature would happen no?

    Attention-wanting retards. (People from both groups)

  127. 127 Lier

    euanya da garoblok kabeh.

  128. 128 Turkey

    You’re all a bunch of niggers.

  129. 129 noushi

    shithiro troll’d, interwebs lol’d







  133. 133 Private Anime Subber

    Seriously? All this shit from one stupid and most likely photo-shopped image? My cat would understand what posting the image would do (she also is smarter than your college student)

    Cut the shit off at the head kids, remove the post, the image and shut up about nonsense. If you had good intentions, this whole thing would have been locked and deleted long ago.



  135. 135 gabbagandalf

    @chihirogayzone…why do u bother so much?..does tgis have anything to do with u?!

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    seriously, only idiots use caps like that…

    (talking to you Chihirogayzone)

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    they’re decent translations too.
    least their not fucking dicks like coalguy

  147. 147 justice man

    then why are you on this site?

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    Both Chihiro and CoalGuys do decent subs.
    If you really care about fansubbing (or the politics that has miraculously been attributed to it) to the extent of zealotry, please remove yourself from the internet and grow the fuck up.
    If you ever return, keep your retarded opinions and drama to yourselves.
    This is fansubbing for anime, not an intercontinental war.
    If you don’t like the way a group fansubs, track a different group.
    Nobody is forcing you to watch or participate in anything that CoalGuys or Chihiro is involved in. Stop trying to fellate/enrage people’s egos.

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