Asu no Yoichi! 07 & RECRUIT

I am a lazy faggot. :< All right, I think I should go on a recruiting spree (getting lazy, w/e, etc).

We are currently recruiting:

1) A timer for shifting scripts and time stuff when I don’t feel like timing (especially AnY widescreen).

2) Translator for next season. Requirements: idk, contact me if you’re interested (it’s nice to have another tl in the group, but I can already do everything myself, so it’s just like icing on cake 8D)

pm me at `Mango/Mango-chan @


Download : [ Torrent | Subtitle Script | DDL ]

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28 Responses to “Asu no Yoichi! 07 & RECRUIT”

  1. 1 noviceotaku

    Thank You! :3

  2. 2 TT

    hah first and thx

  3. 3 TheWashitsu

    Second. And thanks as well.

  4. 4 Boogstyle


    another day another release. keep up the great work CoalGuys! =)

  5. 5 Silent Xenocide

    Is this the Kagome episode? I hope not.

  6. 6 Zenchi

    AWESOME!!!! Thx for the release! <3

  7. 7 Koi

    And CoalGuys fucking delivers again. Brilliant.

  8. 8 Poo Poo Head

    did you call yourself mango chan to be with melon chan?

  9. 9 akraut

    yay thx alot

  10. 10 Rewston

    Thanks mate! :3

  11. 11 P

    Thnx for this nice release..!! =D

  12. 12 SnooSnoo

    I’m wondering if somehow the encoding for this episode was screwed up. The subs won’t show when I play it with MPC (Chinese Communist Party Codec Pack). The subs do show with Zoom Player. Just wondering why. Since all previous episodes were fine. =/

  13. 13 cnc

    Actually, the abbreviation is for Союз Советских Социалистических Республик, or USSR to us westerners.

  14. 14 Dearka

    have my thx again coalguys!! this series is about to reach its conclusion, don’t give up!!!

  15. 15 Waryas

    A bug in MPC doesn’t show you the subtitle if it’s on track 1.
    It happens only if you use the internal filter for Matroska / Haali renderer.
    Just use Overlay + Disable internal filter for Matroska and it’ll work.

  16. 16 MGySGT

    Waryas, I am also having trouble with the subs on MPC may you please explain what you meant by “just remux it with the ASS file as track 3” Im a noob at this so if you can provide some details on how to do so it will be much appreciated


  17. 17 CoalGuys

    I edited Waryas’ post as you don’t need to remux for the subs to work.

    It happens only if you use the internal filter for Matroska / Haali renderer.
    Just use Overlay + Disable internal filter for Matroska and it’ll work.

  18. 18 MGySGT

    im sorry for being a noob but where do i edit the matroska, is it from within MPC or is Matroska suppose to startup when i play it

  19. 19 CoalGuys

    Here :
    It’s in MPC’s Option
    And make sure you have Haali Media Splitter installed.

  20. 20 MGySGT

    your assistance was much appreciated, and as always please keep up with your great work. Coalguys FTW

  21. 21 annoyingstranger

    i need my akikan hurry up guys

  22. 22 Frank

    i would really like to help. But I can’t do any of those things xD

  23. 23 Evelgest

    Is CoalGirls the name you’re using to release HQ Toradora? Or is it just another group hating on you guys?

  24. 24 Vexi

    @ Evelgest:
    The blog entry titled “I would like to remind you guys” was basically addressing that situation afaik. Check out the comments on that one.

  25. 25 Evelgest

    Gotcha, thanks. Missed that post.

  26. 26 Animejunky

    This episode was sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! =3 Thanks for the subs.^^ Can’t wait for Akikan.

  27. 27 Kupi

    Thx a lot

  28. 28 BlueDragon

    I loved the swimsuits thanks 😀

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