No Akikan this week

^read the title -3-;

also, I recommend you guys watch White Album
it is the best show this season IMO -v-

edit by encoder : White Album sucks lol!

edit: no Akikan airing this week, some stupid seiyuu shit or 6.5 is taking its place

62 Responses to “No Akikan this week”

  1. 1 Moargazm

    No Akikan because it didn’t air, or no Akikan because you don’t want to? >_>

  2. 2 Icy-nee-san

    When does akikan come out D:


  3. 3 FreedomIce

    Are you serious on the White Album or sarcastic?

  4. 4 Crimson King

    There is something called akikan 6.5 this week and it is just some actor-chat thing or thats what i heard. nothing worth subbing.

  5. 5 Freya

    Are you serious? White Album sucks balls. It’s really that bad. Don’t watch it people.

  6. 6 Drax

    White album is awesome, are you getting it from Eclipse?

  7. 7 TheWashitsu

    White Album is brilliant. Seriously, give it a try.

  8. 8 CoalGuys

    Yes, I am totally serious on White Album. No moeblob shit, no retarded fanservice shots, good art style and good music. -3-

    @Drax, no, but go watch it by eclipse if you want to watch it – -b

  9. 9 FullmetalPHX

    already watched the 6.5 and it was boring but i had nothing better to do.

  10. 10 Swiftstylez

    Fuck you, I want Akikan lol jk

    Keep up the good work guys

  11. 11 Swiftstylez

    Oh and also, reading the White Album description totally turns me off. I may give it a shot eventually, but if it is like Nana than I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

  12. 12 Johny

    Yeah, White Album is great, it started a little boring but it has improve a lot, i got it from Eclipse or Dark-Rebirth, i recommended 100%

  13. 13 Dearka

    damn it no akikan this week

  14. 14 Drax

    @CoalGuys, I do get the episodes from Eclipse, I was just wondering if you did.

  15. 15 CoalGuys

    no i don’t

  16. 16 FlavrMonky

    good call on white album, really good, been following it from the ep 1.

  17. 17 Moargazm

    @Crimson King
    Ahh, I see. Fail.

    I hate .5 eps of crap.

  18. 18 essiw

    I dislike white album… to much drama… Clannad AS is much much much better

  19. 19 Ging

    Rather disappointing, I never thought Akikan would have a .5 episode.

  20. 20 omgiloveanime


  21. 21 999

    Aww… you’re not going to sub the seiyuus talking? Too bad for me…

  22. 22 Augusto


  23. 23 Rune

    White Album reminds me of my youth… yes, I am far too old to be leaving comments on fansub sites.

  24. 24 Rune

    Maybe I should elaborate that I am talking about living in a world without cell-phones or the internetz and the music and silly fashion, not dating a japanese idoru singer.

  25. 25 Augusto

    Rune you’re so kewl. Nice. Sweet.

  26. 26 Basioony

    I think Maria+Holic is the best show this season, but that doesn’t mean it’s all that since it has been awhile since we got a great anime.
    not to mention most if not all older great animes became crap (except maybe for Gintama which is probably ending/stopping soon at ep 150)

  27. 27 AdaigoForCoke

    i would rather fuck your mom then watch white album.

  28. 28 aFu

    that figures, cause ur a faggot

  29. 29 Silent Xenocide

    Tried watching the first ep of White Album. Too terrible. Not into stupid Japanese idol romance drama or whatever the shit it is.

    @Rune: You were living in a world without music or silly fashion? Damn you must be reallllly old.

  30. 30 AnimeJunky

    >.> Stupid 6.5 episode. Oh yea White Album is awesome. I love every minute of it. Well my favorite genre is Romance anime.=]

  31. 31 ikacer

    Isn’t it too early for a .5 episode? There’s nothing to recap. Oh well.
    I watched a few episodes of White Album, it’s a bit slow but definitely a well written show. Thanks for the suggestion.
    Still, I have to disagree with you as to it being the best show right now. That’s Michiko to Hatchin, IMO.

  32. 32 Basioony

    Michiko to Hatchin is just too depressing and boring IMO.

  33. 33 Lmm

    The best show right now is Absolutely Lovely Children.



    ^fuck you even Patrol-Kun is much better than some lolishit

  35. 35 Poo Poo Head

    if you hate moeblob so much why do you keep subbing it?! HALP!!!

  36. 36 Rune

    @ Silent Xenocide

    lol, I’m not that old. I mean I remember the kind of music in the anime and the silly fashion they wear. The ’80s, the decade that failed on so many levels.

  37. 37 ningendewanai

    [email protected] Coalguys are fansubbers,desu nee? Therefore they comprehend Japanese,desu nee?…and you’re asking them if they are downloading fansubs to watch? …lol.

  38. 38 unkind

    aw, oh well, will look forward to next week

  39. 39 FalseDawn

    Wtf? Are you men or boys?! Fucken sub the seiyuu shit, guys, and release it as [CoalGuys]Akikan_Seiyuu_Shit.rmvb[5t4110n3] – then the leeches get what they want too.

  40. 40 Rune

    I want to se a hash that spells stallone some day, that would rock my world.



  42. 42 Blarg

    Where the fuck is my Toradora~

  43. 43 Motorious

    I can’t believe how addicted I am to Toradora…more addicted than I was to Haruhi >.<

  44. 44 Basioony


    because you’re gay. ^3^

  45. 45 Kenadian

    The last 4 or 5 comments have proven to be more retarded tan the average youtube comment…dear god.

  46. 46 Blarg

    @ Kenadian: I beg to differ. Here are some youtube quotes in case you forgot the average IQ of a youtube commenter (not sure if that’s even a word).

    “I love the soccar ep thou! ”

    “this is a fuckin horrrible song!! fuck youu! ummmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmm´╗┐ mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm fagottt”

    “fukin wicked
    go on
    kevin bloody wilson – absolute cunt of a day ”

    So please, really try to remember what youtube comments are like before comparing a Toradora! addict to one of /them/. Good day sir.

  47. 47 Drummin

    I’m going to have to agree with you guys on White Album; it is definitely worth watching. Can’t wait for this week’s Toradora though, last week’s episodes was probably one of the best episodes I’ve seen on any show. Keep up the good work guys.

  48. 48 SandNigger

    I hate white album

  49. 49 best animes

    forget white album… chaos head _!!!

  50. 50 jdmtee

    I really tried with white album… but its just not as good as KgNE…

    Loving Akikan tho, keep going!

  51. 51 Phu

    Yeah, Chaos;Head was really good, and yeah I’m sitting here studying for a test, and all I can think about is Toradora 20. ._.

  52. 52 Zenchi

    Bring on Asu no Yoichi! and Toradora. You guys have the best anime projects out atm and doing a fine job! I can’t wait for the next release of either one of those anime!!!

    IMO White Album’s story is all over the place. I don’t see the central point of it all and if it does it not concentrated on it. Alot of unnecessary things in the anime like characters who from my point of view serve no purpose other than wasting time. Even though I say that I am still watching it hoping for it to all come together in the end and also for it to get better. None the less, the first episode was uninteresting for me.

  53. 53 Omu

    I agree with the recommendation of White Album. It’s the best romance anime since True Tears a year ago though they have different styles. My only problem with WA is that the female cast is too big, they should have passed on one or two women. Clannad (and AS) isn’t really romance for me because too many of the characters are just retarded, especially Nagisa, who behaves like grade school kid most of the time. However, the last two episodes of AS showed some decent drama but from what I’ve heard, it’s possible that the ending is going to be terrible.

  54. 54 Kenadian

    @jdmtee, what’s KgNE?

    @Blarg, point taken. I can find even worse.

  55. 55 Swiftstylez

    True Tears is definitely top five.

  56. 56 Hyouma

    @Kenadian, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien

  57. 57 Jdmtee

    KgNE is awesome, has a BRILLIANT story, and makes you cry, rage, laugh and cheer on all over the place, its one of those ‘just one more ep, then ill go to bed’ animes

    @Kenadian, What Hyouma said… ^^

  58. 58 lolokay

    Dude, I liked White Album until the most recent episode, where he has like ten girls sucking off of him and it’s dumb. Hopefully it gets better.

  59. 59 Tony

    …its not dumb >> plus he’s going to be in trouble if he keeps all of them anyway so it won’t last long

  60. 60 monkey

    i saw an episode 7 raw on zomg. meh

  61. 61 z3ro

    Was Akikan! a new anime?
    Waiting eagerly for 8th ep D:

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