Toradora! 19

It has been quite a while since I cried from an episode. ;___; (No, I don’t watch Clanand because I’m against Key and their mentally retarded main female characters.)

Anyway, enjoy.

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  1. 1 Blarg

    Thanks a ton for this!

  2. 2 Kyaura

    Thank you! Sorry for spamming your webpage by refreshing every 2 minutes!

  3. 3 Kusion


  4. 4 TC

    luv ya guys for this, couldn’t even study for my test tomorrow lol

  5. 5 jalla

    [Arigatou… iwanaiyo…] yeah, Key rules 😉 anyway, thx for Toradora!

  6. 6 gc

    thanks guys. now i can cry with you.

  7. 7 TheWashitsu

    Awesome! Thanks!

  8. 8 lliiry

    that’s awesome!
    Thnx a lot!

  9. 9 Translator-Fag


  10. 10 RogerOskaner

    better then bagged milk!

  11. 11 Silent Xenocide

    Did you cry because Minorin dies in this ep? Please tell me she dies.

  12. 12 Hyp

    Thanks a lot

  13. 13 AWNAW

    Is there a DDL yet? :[

  14. 14 AB

    QQ, much?

  15. 15 gc

    c’mon people, seed us. i’ll be nice if you will. 🙂

  16. 16 InFlames

    YAYYYYYY!!!! you made my day happy !! ^^ arrigato !!!

  17. 17 Kamuz

    thanks for the subs 🙂

  18. 18 Drummin

    Good work guys another quality release.

  19. 19 MH

    Thanks guys, been waiting for this for. You guys are great

  20. 20 empty

    minorin dies huh?… bout time someone turned some fire n harpoons on the annoyingly perky dumpster…

    thx alot guise – you can haz my internetz

  21. 21 Rankao

    You guys are awesome! keep up the awesomeness

  22. 22 Radzeer

    Thank you, for putting such great effort in your translations. 🙂

  23. 23 AWNAW

    Who the hell is spreading this Minorin dies rumor?

  24. 24 OH NOES

    You gotta go Faster Coalguys!!! There’s some people uploading subs faster than you are on youtube!! YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!

    I guess, lol

  25. 25 epochFAIL

    Thanks for the release. Now go to sleep.

  26. 26 Jima

    Thanks a lot for the new episode and your hard work. ^^

  27. 27 waddap.

    @OH NOES

    thanks CoalGuys. another quality release. =)

  28. 28 DoggfatherJ

    Thanks for the release… I love you guys’ work.. keep it up..

  29. 29 Sarah

    What a great end to a crap week, thanks guys 😀

  30. 30 Peanutbutter003

    Nice. Just like to ask, are you guys translating this J–>E or C–>E? TIA.

  31. 31 Silent Xenocide

    Ok episode I guess. I don’t know what part was cry inducing. I just hope it doesn’t end up with something gay like TakasuxTaiga.

  32. 32 Aaron

    Even though I almost cried at one point, this was still probably the happiest episode in the series (Thus far) for me.

    Oh, and Kitamura’s Santa cosplay? ****ing Genius. I wish I was man enough to pull that off.

  33. 33 ArekkusuRin

    thanks for the episode.

    FINALLY, someone agrees! Key isn’t all that is cracked up to be

  34. 34 Phu

    Im rootin for TakasuxAmi. I’d love to see the hotness from that

  35. 35 Anonymouse

    What was there to cry to? Was it the bad dialogue? I suppose the decaying of Toradora’s plot is a bit saddening, too.

    I officially dislike Rie’s voice acting after watching this episode.

  36. 36 davaeron

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  37. 37 Kenecix

    Thank You! 🙂

  38. 38 LeftArrow

    Dude I really like clannad, and I’ll admit that nagisa was the last choice i wanted for the main character, but she really grows on you, until, well you know the last episode…

  39. 39 Dearka

    thx again man!!

  40. 40 Tim

    Thanks CoalGuys!

    and man…I didnt cry. But I wanted to…

    I feel like a chick in need of a LifeTime Channel Movie fix

  41. 41 smathels

    lol you poor guy for crying, though you weren’t the only one. Save the tears till the end 😉

  42. 42 Van

    I don’t understand how Taiga can be in love with Ryūji and Kitamura. It is so messed up that because of this sudden realization, Ryūji has to have his heart broken by Kushieda. What’s even more confusing is that in the light novel Taiga thinks to herself that because of Ryūji, she was able to fall in love with Kitamura and that without him-she is unable to do so. And this is supposed to mean she loves Ryūji?! AND WHAT ABOUT AMI-CHAN’S UNREQUITED LOVE? DOES THAT DUDE EVEN HAVE A CLUE?

  43. 43 guten tag

    where is ep 18?

  44. 44 Darkangel

    Taiga can go die in a fire

  45. 45 Pimalee

    Yeah the main char girls in Key animes are retard, but the others worth watching them 😀

  46. 46 Rewston

    Thanks for this Coal <3




  48. 48 Tsubori Locka

    Finally the main taigaxryuuji plot moves forward…so tired of all this ami&minori whineage.

  49. 49 mephisto

    this was a great episode.thank you so much COALGUYS.

  50. 50 Sculay

    Thanks for the release ;]
    nearly had me in tears…
    <3 taiga but shes picky first she wants kit now she wants ryu
    and what about ami its like a fucking love triangle here besides that minorin doesnt want him ;[ (blame taige for that)
    episode ended to quick or i enjoyed it alot felt like a 5minute flash ;x

  51. 51 Packard20

    I think I love you guys.

  52. 52 Shuffleblade

    Thanks a ton for the release =)

  53. 53 Strahl

    Thanks for the great subs again this week. Keep it up! =)

    What an emotional ride this week ;___;
    Pretty simple epd…imo.. ;___;
    is this an end to ryuuji x minori? ;___;

    i pity ami tho…

  54. 54 Doomzzg


    Read novels, gain profit!

  55. 55 BattlecryZombie

    I Live for Toradora(kinda sad but….shutup!)! Gotta be one of the best current anime out there. CoalGuys are sock-rocking, bliss-blasting, astoundingly AWESOME Anime-niacs. CoalGuys are the best!

  56. 56 Wilshy

    lol This was a touching episode xD

    Thanks for the release = )

  57. 57 IconOfSin

    Oh man, I’d love to see an Ami+Ryuuji in the end. I really hope this is the last we’ll see of Ryuuji chasing Minori, I’ve never liked her.

  58. 58 Johnny Come Lately

    Thanks for the quick release…!!!

    @ OH NOES, do us all a favor and put your head through your monitor…

  59. 59 imwatchingit

    toradora is a bad copy of Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka!!!

  60. 60 Johnny Come Lately

    @ imwatchingit, I think you’ve been eating too many paint chips while playing under power lines…

  61. 61 Bilal

    I dont get why people would cry on this episode :/

    Although i dont know who to root for anymore

    Ami Minorin or Taigi to get together with Ryuji

  62. 62 Clannad

    Tiga for the win every one needs a lil tiga

    and yeah they do seem to have some crazy messed in the head main females

  63. 63 redwulf13

    I don’t get what’s going on with Minorin. I mean, it feels like we’ve spent the last 5 episodes watching her try to figure out how to tell Ryuuji that she doesn’t like him, and still not feel guilty about it… is she trying to save the friendship by just not committing to a path? That never works. I honestly didn’t get the “Minorin secretly likes Ryuuji but isn’t acting cause she realizes Taiga does too” feeling. I feel like she just didn’t know what the hell to do.

    And Taiga…. holy CRAP did it take her long enough to wake up! FINALLY she’s honest with herself. Bout damn time. Now… let’s see what she actually DOES about it!

    THANKS COALGUYS. I check this damn place once a week lookin for the next update. You do good work, keep the quality high, and keep em coming in a timely fashion… not many can accomplish all three. Cheers!

  64. 64 Crimson King

    Just watched it and one word comes to mind “pedobear.”

  65. 65 very important!

    can u guys release asu no yoichi 6 within the next few hours??…i guess u can’t right?!

  66. 66 tripledouble

    The awful takasu x taiga ending i predicted 5 minutes in to the first episode is coming true. I am going to strangle a baby.

  67. 67 Anonymous

    kill yourself instead

  68. 68 Esuka

    Thank you guys for being so quick and reliable with updating. This may be the most depressing episode yet but I’m still glad I got to see it. I’m gonna go cry in a corner now… T_T

  69. 69 AnimeJunky

    Thanks for ze release. This episode was epic & sad. Taiga happy = Too kawaii!!! Taiga sad = make me tear up.=[

  70. 70 Van



  71. 71 saccharin

    tripledouble, don’t forget.. the show is called TORAdora, not MINORIdora.

    The pairing was obvious by the time you say title.

  72. 72 Hanage

    It’s been a long time since i cried too, this episode is so touching and the best one so far <3

    CoalGuys rules !

  73. 73 thisguy

    Thanks for sub a great episode. I really enjoy the episodes with accurate translations like this. Keep up the good work.

  74. 74 Ramon Escobar

    i have been rooting tor Ami since the pool episode. coal keep rockin it.

  75. 75 John Da Cajun

    That is true about the females in Clannad, and another thing is screw all the guys in here saying coal guys needs to go faster. Seriously go at your own pace I’m just glad to watch Toradora besides the way you talk about your grades you should probably study a bit more. just sayin.

  76. 76 Kaoden

    @ triple:

    I have to agree with you here, I’m so tired of watching all of these series that go “Here’s a guy, here’s a girl, they’re going to end up together no matter what and everything is just filler leading up to that.” I thought that toradora would be one of the few exceptions to that and that’s why the show was so enjoyable, guess I was stupid for thinking that it would be something different. Blergh

  77. 77 vee

    thanks for the script!

  78. 78 Ichi

    … Coal! Thank you so much! This is one of those series that I really like and you guys do a good job with it. Keep on rocking!

  79. 79 01234

    god, who cares what the pairings are. it’s the JOURNEY that counts, not the DESTINATION. don’t like the pairing, write fanfiction.

    thanks for the awesome subs =]

  80. 80 RogerOskaner

    I guess Kaoden hates that piece of shit Maison Ikkoku. It has to have TWISTS and PLOTHAX to be good, not actual plot or character development.

  81. 81 Swiftstylez


  82. 82 colon three

    thanks a lot :3

  83. 83 jcs

    HarryKim– I mean- 01234 is right.

  84. 84 Curtis

    Oh come on, Ushio has to be the cutest little girl ever.

    And this episode made me so happy I almost had to cry, she has to love Ryuji no matter what! -_-

  85. 85 Edman_Alert

    I just noticed that his mom finishes her sentences with “yansu”, which is the same thing that huge ugly thing from Bleach says

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