Recovered links

Sigh, finally got time to fix this. Toradora 19 should be out in an hour or two.
These files are from previously deleted page links:

Asu no Yoichi 01 WS : [ Torrent | Script ]

Akikan 05 : [ Torrent | Script ]

Toradora! 18 [ Torrent | Script ]

14 Responses to “Recovered links”

  1. 1 Blarg

    Thanks for your hardwork, cannot wait to watch episode 19 as I’ve been reading the light novel to much. ;p

  2. 2 Phu

    Man, the work done here at Coal Guys is amazing, and quick to release :o. I go here to check everything so often I’ve made it my homepage. 😮

  3. 3 Mister 庭

    yay looking forward to todo19

  4. 4 Zitro

    Thank you, i cannot wait to watch episode 19.


  5. 5 Alisha

    Yeah! Toradora! Can’t wait to watch this episode, thanks for the hard work and quick subbing!

  6. 6 TC

    Can’t wait for toradora seriously, personally I say drop Akikan, but hey that’s just me. It’s not worth your time.

  7. 7 A Coal-earth citizen

    Thank you for the time spent subbing. I wonder if anyone used that line on a substitute teacher. . .

  8. 8 TheWashitsu

    Yes! Thanks guys! So much for homework. lol

  9. 9 Moargazm

    Can’t wait, I need it so I can go to sleep.

  10. 10 Kenadian

    @TC, yea that’s just you. I prefer greatly that they keep Akikan, they’re better for it than Chihiro.

    Conversely though, I tend to prefer Chihiro for AnY.

  11. 11 InFlames

    can’t wait for Toradora 19 🙂 gj guys! we all appreciate your hard work ^^

  12. 12 nice

    nice work on episode 18 of toradora

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