Asu no Yoichi! 04

Fell asleep, got to go to a practice exam now, bye.

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24 Responses to “Asu no Yoichi! 04”

  1. 1 Shenhua

    FIRST! *cheers* Thx Shenhua

  2. 2 Cyber1

    Thanks. Especially for separate subs, they’re very handy for those who dl raws first.

  3. 3 Asakura Yoh

    Thanks for your release
    but I think those skill for Yoichi or Tsubasa you should use their romaji
    like Kamikaze Ryuu, …

  4. 4 Hyp

    Thanks for the job.

  5. 5 Epoc

    Yay Moar ecchi-comedy-(Romance?) anime 4 me
    also thanks alot dudes.

  6. 6 tandem

    @Asakura Yoh,

    There is supposed to be a tinge of comedy in the meaning of those attacks Yoichi uses. So in order to convey the meaning (humour) across, it’s best to leave it translated….

  7. 7 nish

    cheers CoalGuys and Doremi!
    good luck in the exam

  8. 8 hello

    can someone upload this to a streaming site???..pls not youtube!!

  9. 9 Aeren

    Thanks coal guys.

    More asu no yoichi goodness for me 😀

  10. 10 SiMiK

    thx for the ep….and gl in the exam amigo

  11. 11 BlueDragon

    Awesome thanks for hard work, good luck with exam 😉

  12. 12 anonymous


  13. 13 Agent Smith

    I didn’t check them but there are widescreen raws out there. Think about releasing WS versions or are they just upscales and not worth it?
    Thanx for the episode 😀

  14. 14 Calan

    Agent Smith, we WILL be releasing the WS versions once we have time – has been very busy for us with exams etc

  15. 15 naruto-chama

    can i use the subtitel script only if i download a mkv format raw??..or does it also work if the downloaded raw is a avi file?

  16. 16 xx


    It will work as long as you have the same file name (e.g. video.mkv or video.avi or video.mp4 with video.ass in the same directory)

  17. 17 Waryas

    @Agent Smith
    We are tuning the settings for the WS version
    We’ll start doing them asap.

  18. 18 pbjt

    Thanks for release!
    @Hello: STREAMING SITES FTL! (except crunchy, cuz it has 480p and 720p)

  19. 19 Dearka

    wow even when u have exams, ur still willing to sub it!!! i really must thank you!!! wish u all the best!!

  20. 20 Kupi

    Thx a lot! =]

  21. 21 Karin

    thx verry much ,,,,,,sub CoalGuys the best *-* thx again =D

  22. 22 Zero967

    Hey CoalGuys, great subbing. Keep it up!

    BTW what happened to the coal workers???

    LOL : – P


  23. 23 DunderAxel

    HELL NO, don’t upload this fine piece to a streaming site. Instead go download some programs you lazy bastard.

    Oh btw, thanks alot for your sub’s!

  24. 24 Redneck

    Tous les gouts de chiottes sont dans la nature.

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