Akikan! 04

Sorry, I didn’t really feel like subbing yesterday… It’s just one of those days. -v-;

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30 Responses to “Akikan! 04”

  1. 1 Man0warr

    Hey Jaka, you doin the 2nd Seto no Hanayome OVA?

  2. 2 LateToClass?TotallyWorthIt

    No worries! Be happy!

  3. 3 Dearka

    thx man! i really love this comedy show!

  4. 4 hockaii


  5. 5 jkaze

    thanx for the release 😉

  6. 6 Silent Xenocide

    I don’t know how anyone can not like this show.

  7. 7 Doomzzg

    Ask /a/

    cheers for the episode guys

  8. 8 DmonHiro

    Thanks for the release.

    One thnig: when Najimi is hitting Kakeru, he saiy “maso” not “macho”, as in “If you don’t stop hitting me, the masochist inside me will awaken” instead of “macho inside me”.

    Other then that, no problem.

    …zZzzz i thought it was the same thing, noted down, thanks

  9. 9 namedrisk

    Thanks for the release how is Asu no Youichi going ? xD any ETA ?

  10. 10 Visssssss

    Huarwerer!! Yeah!!!!!

  11. 11 AnimeJunky

    Woot!!! Hilarious episode. People who hate Akikan obviously don’t have a sens of humor. “An erection only belongs to a true man!” Amen to that.^^

  12. 12 dragon132004

    AWESOME WORK …you are indeed A Coal ;)….

  13. 13 Shuffleblade

    Amazing thanks alot for the release, great work!

  14. 14 nish

    guys, you are the best.
    im gonna start saying coal instead of cool irl :O
    I feel like giving you a hug.

  15. 15 humole

    Thx a lot, dont worry about being late, you still being pretty fast ;P

  16. 16 randomAnonymous

    @nish: i see nothing wrong with that, i already do.

  17. 17 Kupi

    Thx a lot!

  18. 18 ManlyDesu

    OH YOU

  19. 19 FullmetalPHX

    thank you

  20. 20 pbjt


  21. 21 Rizaria

    Najimi’s fake drunkenness still rather amuses me. xD

    Silly anime, still enjoying it~
    No apologies necessary, thanks for another fun release.

  22. 22 SiMiK

    Thx…ur not late…its still a lot faster then other groups

  23. 23 worm

    Toradora! (17 please) forever…[:D]

  24. 24 AnonymouseIsLeegion

    where are my subs, niggers.

  25. 25 Waryas

    Up yours bro

  26. 26 chan-kun

    thnx, but i think u guys should have a mp4, or at least avi to choose from, in add to mkv.

  27. 27 tripledouble

    i need some kawashima ami asap

  28. 28 Sup

    Chan-kun, mkv is superior. If you need a different format because you stream using 360 or windows live you should convert it yourself or the one of those cables that connects your computer to t.v and projects the image. Costs like $40. (Forgot what it’s called).

    Else just download cccp, media player classic, and CoreAVC (optional).

    also TORADORA 17 WHERE.

    Thanks coal guys for translating =p



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