Toradora! 16

Wow, I didn’t know that many people cared about Toradora… lol… -v-;

So about our new and fabulous donation button:
*insert your usual comment about WE NEED MONEY $_$* Actually, it’s for getting a faster server (specs/speed/etc) for faster encoding/releasing purpose (contradictory to popular belief, no one here is bothered to rape their own PCs for >6 hours ). So, uh, yeah, if you something to spare, donate it to us; if you don’t, don’t bother and ignore the button. thanks.

Anyway, enjoy your bitch fight.

Download : [ Torrent | Subtitle Script ]

74 Responses to “Toradora! 16”

  1. 1 AForest

    Thank you, I love you

  2. 2 Emo_Wandering_Bear


  3. 3 Setto

    wow great work XD

  4. 4 Mister εΊ­

    Thank you guys… No, really. Thank YOU!

  5. 5 Red

    Ahhh! Right before bed thanks! The best reason to be late to school and work!

  6. 6 yay

    good work

  7. 7 halicon


  8. 8 G0LD

    thanks for the hard work πŸ˜€

  9. 9 kamuz

    thanks! <3

  10. 10 roninon8

    Alright! On with the bitch fight!

  11. 11 Taiga

    Taiga > Ami > Minorin

  12. 12 omf


  13. 13 LolAtYou

    This is why CoalGuys own.

  14. 14 Rewston

    Thank’s for this :3

  15. 15 rob

    Dude, you guys are bomb.

  16. 16 Dearka

    u have my thx for another great release of toradora!!

  17. 17 rasva-Chan


  18. 18 Moargan

    Over 6 hours?

    The fuck? What kinda 1998 PCs do you guys have?

    shitty ones, enjoy your fabulous h264 settings

  19. 19 Moargan

    Oh, and thanks. lol

  20. 20 Trash

    Thanks guys! More tsun = more dere = more win.

  21. 21 LateToClass?TotallyWorthIt

    Sweet!!! Reason to live another day!!!

  22. 22 Ex14


    Thanks soo much. i been waiting since morning lol

    thanks once again!
    P.S. I’m from asia so yea XDD

  23. 23 JesusChrist.exe

    I Loved it so much….
    I Cried..

    Best thing Evar…

  24. 24 Dante

    You guys rock, thanks so much for yet another pristine release!

  25. 25 worm

    Thak You.Good work.



  27. 27 SrgMkv

    Thank you.

    Why you haven’t translated some essential signs?
    For example, on the pre-election leaflet: “Contract with Devil. Aisaka Taiga’s conception of school management”.
    November, 15 in calendar: “Election meeting” (or “Speach on the election meeting”).

    shit… I overlooked that q_q

  28. 28 Kupi

    Thx a lot

  29. 29 yaHzee

    Nice release, you guys need any more help with editing/kara/etc…?

  30. 30 Van

    Thanks, you scared me with the troll for a few seconds…, keep up the good work!!

  31. 31 mero

    Thanks for the release! πŸ˜€

  32. 32 arr

    You guys are tha shiiiiiiiiit

  33. 33 Shuffleblade

    Thanks alot, you guys are amazing like always thanks a bunch ^^ Have a nice weekend everyone I sure will thanks to Coalguys πŸ˜‰

  34. 34 Assfuckerzr

    i’d rather rape a pretty girl then my computer, i suppose thats better dont you?

  35. 35 tim tom

    Thanks for the hard work, your subs are the best!

  36. 36 AnimeJunky

    Woot Thanks for the release. Can’t wait for the next & Asu No Yoichi 3.^^

  37. 37 zettai-o

    This is why i get up in the morning.

  38. 38 lonny

    Thanks for another excellent episode. I Appreciate all the hard work. πŸ™‚ Top quallity as always!

  39. 39 Rank

    I would donate, but I’m a poor college student.

  40. 40 Boz

    Thanks for the episode.

  41. 41 Kawaiikochan

    I love this anime. I haven’t enjoyed an anime this much in years. Thanks so much for subbing so fast. I can never wait to see the next episode, and thanks to coalguys I don’t need to wait ^_^

  42. 42 Warlord Kentax

    We care so much because every subber that does Toradora seems to die.

  43. 43 Redmist

    Funny, I enjoy raping my PC for >6 hours. You guys suck. πŸ˜€

    Thanks for Toradora!

  44. 44 Bocom

    Thanks for releasing it, you’re doing a pretty good job in my opinion. πŸ™‚

  45. 45 Warlord Kentax

    6 hours? That’s nothing, try rendering a 3d movie.

    Also check out the Thuesday

  46. 46 Γ“lafur

    Thanks for an excellent translation as always.
    You’ll see a small gift in your bank account soon enough *pushes donation button* πŸ™‚

    One question though. Where can I access old files from you guys (if possible)? I have the first 6 eps of toradora translated by Paradym (some random stuff I picked up) and the rest is from you guys. Would love to find the first 6 eps somewhere if you’ve translated them.

    Thanks in advance.
    Icelandic weirdo~

  47. 47 Shinji

    Thanks for subbing this series. i don’t know how many anime’s i’ve watched with horrible subs and the subs really make the difference between getting into the anime and just thinking in your head wtf is up with these subs and these subs actually get me into the anime. thanks again on the release!

  48. 48 Johnykin

    hi where are the other episodes of toradora from episode 1? im kinda late…. do you have a batch torrent going up till episode 16 at least? i would really appreciate it if you could show me the way thanks

  49. 49 Johnykin

    Im sorry but umm did Coalguys sub toradora from episode 1 – 16 completely? please anyone reply if you know, thank you all again

  50. 50 CoalGuys

    no, we didn’t… just download ggrain

  51. 51 Arveene

    Happen to have a donation target. I’d be more than willing to support the only group that’s keeping up with Toradora, just curious as to what your monthly target is.

  52. 52 Waryas


    What we plan on getting is the i7 server on which is 120e/month for encoding.
    As for the seedbox, we have already this one : which is 58e/month (I’m paying for it but it’s shared between m.3.3.w, BSS and CoalGuys).

    Thus our actual expense is 58e/month and our aim is 178e/month to get our own encoding server instead of relying on someone else.

    58€ = $76,5078
    178€ = $234,7998

    I realize this is too much and that’s why we’ll stick with just a seed server for now …

  53. 53 the coalest

    when does ep 17 comes out?

  54. 54 Arveene

    Thanks Waryas, wanted to see what it was going towards before doing anything. Keep up the great work! Already spoiled myself and downloaded the new OP/ED. I didn’t like silky heart from just listening to it, but after watching the sequence it feels like it fits.

  55. 55 Awesome Sauce

    Toradora 17 Raws are out. HINT HINT cough

  56. 56 sickfuck

    When does episode 17 subs come out ?? Thanks

  57. 57 Waryas


  58. 58 Vandrare


  59. 59 viperslayer

    Yes… many people do care about it.

    Score: 8.311 (scored by 7306 users)
    Ranked: #1242
    Popularity: #75

    As by the My Anime List ranking.

  60. 60 viperslayer

    The #142 is the actual number, 2 is a subscript.

  61. 61 Joni

    I needs it. I can’t go to sleep without it. The clock is just 9 pm. How long it’s gonna take? What will happen? What are they gonna do? I can’t understand japanese. I think I’m gonna faint soon. Why thursdays have to be such pain? Will this day never end…? Somebody! Pleez? Ghhghnn…

    – Questions and anxiety in cold and dark northern Finland.

  62. 62 cuterena

    please i wanna know how it continues pls give us the next ep or i’ll cry=(


    You are a bunch of lazy fags.
    Three toradora chinksubs are already out, in chinkspeak.
    Why can’t you do something so simple as putting a goddamn test over a fucking video.

    Go die in a sub accident.

  64. 64 Better late than never. amirite?

    There’s probably few-a single person working on subtitling this? They probably don’t have as much man power for subbing as the Chinese who probably have OVER 9000 people.


    They are a 7-8 guys team.
    It’s only that being retards they need a lot of time to do it right.
    It’s a pity we have to wait for their failsub, I’d rather have the chihiro subs

  66. 66 Rorinus

    lol Retards post here this shits… They are HUMANS TOO ! Lolno if you are better. Why you dont fan-sub ? y ? y? y? noob. looser, and go to heaven !


  67. 67 Lithonite

    This is why i have made it a point to look for CoalGuys subs. I picked up Akikan as a result, and thats proved to be fun.

    Keep up the goog wrk guys, and if you need a server and bandwisth email me. πŸ˜‰

  68. 68 Shinji

    i dont understand why people go to a website and then take the time to write in a comment box just to bash people xD. but my thanks go to coal guys for actually being not lazy enough to sub things instead of telling everyone else they suck at subbing. usually i go crazy after waiting for a while for an anime to come out but then after i watch the episode the frustration is gone and all is good. LOL

  69. 69 XD

    Don’t look for CoalGuy subs. They’re like a convenient burger joint that’s closest to your home and serves food fast, but you wouldn’t take your girlfriend there. Also, the staff there are greasy-faced teenagers who spout 4chan memes for attention.

    But at least they know how to serve up a sloppy, unhealthy burger. Unlike you.

  70. 70 InuGOku

    YES!!! Thank you. I was so sad to hear that Toradora was canceled. I thought I would have to watch it raw. Thank you sooooo much for deciding to sub it again. Its my favorite at the moment. Thanks again!!!!!!

  71. 71 LeftArrow

    People on coalguys don’t have girlfriends

  72. 72 Seedbox

    Nice one!

  73. 73 Jerrod Shead

    hi, interesting article but site title of this blog (I mean Toradora! 16 at CoalGuys ) is misleading people. webgeek

  74. 74 Erna

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