Akikan! 03 and more drama

So, some people (yes, you, Kristen) just don’t fucking get it. Fine, whatever.

Translation: Sub-par at best. I cannot claim too much about this, since I don’t know Japanese, but there are some things that we obviously wrong, such as “I talked to a girl with big breasts” for the Haiku instead of “I met a girl with big breasts and talked with her.” It is the type of things I’d expect to see on a C->E TL, since it cut out part of the line to get the point across, but does not accurately convey the Japanese. 4/10.

Let’s dissect this.

>but there are some things that we obviously wrong, such as “I talked to a girl with big breasts” for the Haiku instead of “I met a girl with big breasts and talked with her.”

The original line is おっぱいの大きな女子と会話した. Kristen, I’m sorry. 1) “I talked to a girl with big breasts” and “I met a girl with big breasts and talked with her” means the same thing. It delievers the same message as a whole. If someone can tell me how these two lines are so different in context that it’ll cause misunderstanding, please to tell me. 2) Translating it as a “I met a girl with…” is wrong. I see how you got “met with and talk to her”, but it is an error from understanding that lines (that proves your translator is still an amateur, yeah you, Kylaran). 会話 is one verb in this sentence, so it literally means “to talk” or “conversation”, but Chihiro’s translator interpreted it as 会 (to meet) and + 話 (to talk), which is a really retarded mistake if you view it from a translator’s point of view. It also makes me wonder the quality of Chihiro’s translation because they misinterpreted something so simple but important. By the way, closed captions are not that special, you know. Please try harder next time and not make your own translator look like an idiot, you’re just making me look better, honestly.

Editing: Some noticeable errors. For instance “It was something I thought up to remember when we first met.” That does not make much sense at all, and if someone needs to explain what it means, then the editing is poor. Or “This happened this morning too”. 4/10

I admit the first line is a bit lol, but it’s just an error you nitpicked. I mean, errors are within our margin of quality, since we don’t really have any qc’s (tl note: we’re just a team of 2, so our abilities are pretty limited), and also the editor wasn’t feeling well (inb4 excuses). The second line could be reworded to sound better, but it’s okay, I guess. But this is nothing compared to the typos/editing mistake in Chihiro’s release.

Typesetting: Could’ve typeset the sign for the school instead of putting it on top. Also, the titles font does not match. 4/10

We rather have \an8 notes than half-assed typeset (again, we aim to do what we can in a reasonable period of time). Also, I don’t think there’s a problem with title font. Again, nitpicking.

Encoding: VERY VERY Blurry. Lots of little details were cut out do to over-blurring. 3/10

Quoted from Chihiro who is known to upscale, thinking everything is superpal and nuking the fuck out of their videos. But I admit, it was a bit blurry due to the it being the only source when we started. Unlike Chihiro, we’re not aiming to be perfect. Moreover, we’ll be doing the 16:9 version w/ BS11 caps. But honestly,  I still don’t see how you get 3/10 from, what scale are you using?

Overall, definitely not a complete shitsub, but definitely not something to archive either. I wasn’t too much of a fan of the style they used either. So, I’m going to give it a 5 for mediocre, 1/2 way between babelfish (1) and perfect (10)

Overall, I think your judgment is pretty fucking biased. I have my own policy to not judge others on the same show I’m working on, because I know I will try and nitpick the fuck out of it. But I think that policy only applies to me. Try harder next time and stop making your group look bad from criticizing another group’s release.

tl;dr Kristen, just fucking cut it out and leave me alone. I’m not perfect and neither are you. If you really want to start drama, go find someone else, I’m tired of your fucking idiotic “PEOPLE ARE BASHING US, I MUST NITPICK OTHERS TO MAKE MYSELF FEEL BETTER”. Don’t make me check every single episode of your releases and write essays on the errors they have, it’ll make me look like an asshole (which I am not known for, I am generally a nice guy who avoids drama) and waste my time, and it’ll make you look bad.

Anyway, sorry for the rant.

Enjoy your quality not QUALITY this time.

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147 Responses to “Akikan! 03 and more drama”

  1. 1 euronymous


  2. 2 YOUSUCK


  3. 3 lolz

    Lol wow, I didn’t know people did stuff like this. My opinion of Chihiro just plummeted.

  4. 4 Anonymous

    wow, lolz, you actually /had/ a decent opinion of Chihiro???

    no, it’s like I really don’t give a shit, but whatever

  5. 5 Jabo

    “it’ll make me look like an asshole (which I am not known for, I am generally a nice guy who avoids drama)”

    uhhhhhh? uhhhhhhh? WAT

  6. 6 Scr1be

    “it’ll make me look like an asshole (which I am not known for, I am generally a nice guy who avoids drama)”—LOL at this, and what exactly were you doing on New Year’s? …oh yeah thats right trolling Mayu.

  7. 7 anon2

    The atrocity is that Chihiro dares to advertise themselves as a quality sub.

    >>Due to the intense popularity of this series and its nature of being a full-on quality sub, we ought to make a status post for it.

    Just look at this. Tell me if it doesn’t make you angry. At least the coalguys I know doesn’t call themselves a quality sub.

  8. 8 Hibiki

    Dramas and money are what makes the world goes round

  9. 9 YOUSUCK

    So you’re trying to be the victim here?! Lawl

  10. 10 Setosun

    > Don’t make me check every single episode of your releases and write essays on the errors they have, it’ll make me look like an asshole (which I am not known for, I am generally a nice guy who avoids drama) and waste my time, and it’ll make you look bad.

    Um LOL? You know.. you’re practically the ONLY guy that has enough time to do this. What happened to life?

    I have time to solo 3 series, why wouldn’t I have time to write essays :3?

  11. 11 Tandem

    Boo.. boo.. moarrr drama again, man Jaka, this is really unlike you… With Asu no Yoichi… Seriously, I don’t care about such things anyway, but let’s just say Chihiro is obviously releasing speedsub quality work but the part where the “speed” doesn’t justify them. Man, they are like fucking slow that they should just cease to be a fansub group. Jaka, I seriously have to agree with you on the sentence of “I met a girl with big breasts and talked with her.” from chihiro and your translation of “I talked to a girl with big breasts”. Obviously Chihiro is trying to lenghten the sentence to make it sound “quality”. IN other words, it is also too literal. Basically, those 2 sentences mean the same thing and the primary meaning is there.

  12. 12 Setosun

    I don’t know you and you don’t know me. But all I know is, you have quite an attitude.

    I really LOL at you trying to make Chihiro look bad. Look who does PENIS karas. Seriously, if I had time, I’d watch all your horrible subs and write essays on how bad they are. But sorry, I have a life and I don’t wanna get involved. You started this drama. You wanna prevent it? So whats with this post huh? You wanna start a forum war?

  13. 13 Waryas

    Penis kara LOL SO FUNNY XD

    Seriously cancer, gtfo internet.

  14. 14 ha

    the 2 main uses of the internet: flaming and porn.

    drama makes me lol

  15. 15 WkWrWiWs

    Keep up the good work enjoy your subs and just ignore all this and go get laid xD <3 , thank you very much =D

  16. 16 seph

    I think you should seriously just ignore this shit. Coalguys are speed-subbers with near perfect quality and the only people who are saying otherwise are just trying to make excuses for why their releases are so much slower than yours.

  17. 17 Soichiro

    +1 for not knowing what a haiku is.

    5 7 5

  18. 18 Waryas

    >with near perfect quality
    huh ? no

  19. 19 Waryas

    TL was done by Doremi & TLCed by xess.
    Don’t forget to relay that to Kristen.

  20. 20 d123w

    no worries on the rant and e-drama is the worst crap ever but yeah great job thank you for the release!! <3 been with ur site for awhile jsut need to make an account now since i’m actually taking the time to do it haha but yeah you need to rant to get it all out! but long msg short great work <3 the team and keep it up babyyyy

  21. 21 tripledouble

    Chihiro makes noticeable translation mistakes all the time. CoalGuys > Chihiro.

  22. 22 bljad

    Chihiro style? Bad(

  23. 23 Ovaltine Pirate

    Honestly I can’t say I’ve ever had a high opinion of Chihiro, and when have they ever really been associated with quality?

    It seems only yesterday that they were a speedsub group known for marginal quality and nothing but “prity” fonts, oh wait.

    No one is perfect and no one is being paid to be perfect: it’s called fansub for a reason. If the Chihiro staff is seriously complaining about minor typos, perhaps they should be doing other more productive things, like subbing faster and not 2-3 days late.

    Oh and thanks for the fast subs and the lulz, CG.

  24. 24 g4n

    chihiro translations have mistakes all the time. what a bunch of faggots

  25. 25 Kupi

    Thx a lot!

  26. 26 Guest

    nuf said. CoalGuys > Chihiro

  27. 27 celes

    lol..Your translation was accurate. Chihiro made a big mistake this time 😀

    It is clear enough from the sentence ” おっぱいの大きな女子と会話した” that there won’t be a translation of “met” because there isn’t a word that said anything about it. The only words present are “kaiwa shita”, where “kaiwa” literally means “conversation” and “shita” in this sentence is a past form of “suru”.
    Even I clearly know about this at first glance by just looking at the sentence.

    Don’t mind it. Keep up your good work 🙂

  28. 28 anonymous

    fansubs are serious business.





    part 3 later so FU chihiro subs and friends

  31. 31 anonymous

    LOL chihiro has such wannabe “perfect” fansubs that it’s hilarious to think they’d even criticize another group’s work. True CoalGuys>Chihiro, enough said.

  32. 32 Swiftstylez

    I don’t know the full story but from what I read there some people have some fucking issues they need to address. For the speed in which you do it, your releases have been nothing but quality. I have “archived” all of the Romance/Comedies you have done recently. Even if you weren’t so fast, they would be excellent. What more can you do? It’s kind of petty if another sub group gets up in your grill like that.

  33. 33 Higashi

    IMO Chihiro should just give up fansubbing. They fail so badly yet they try to criticize other people, yet end up shooting themselves in the foot. I struggle to think of another fansub group that exemplifies “FAIL” as much as them.





  35. 35 nish

    oh man, never gonna watch chihiro subs ever again, what a bunch of jew butthurt faggots seriously.
    CoalGuys, i suggest you ignore their trolling and continue releasing quality subs as always. I dont even see the point of trolling someone elses fansub if their is shit.
    All Hail CoalGuys!



    CHIHIRO is actually a DICK

    part5 later fuckers

  37. 37 Lolwut

    You guys had some pretty coal grammar issues with this episode of Akikan. I’d be willing to edit the script for you guys, 4th year English major hurr.

    come on irc and message me q_q

  38. 38 Taler

    I love your work and I follow you religiously. But if you know your subs are mediocre and everyone else knows your subs are mediocre, why bother arguing about it?

    Sure the guy might’ve been an asshole for writing a review, but you don’t have to respond to it. You have fans of your own who appreciate everything you do and the timely manner in which you get it out.

    Keep up the good work and just say fuck it to all the critics.

  39. 39 Power2All

    This shit started actually with Jaka deleting allmost all torrents off AniRena. Then later mud throwing and such. Jaka, I don’t mind you being critical regarding other groups comments and such, but this is just starting drama. I never watched any coalguys episodes, and I am not going to point any fingers. I just found out about this drama in the chihiro channel too, and I know you have a child on the otherside. I’m not here to rant at your encodes or work or whatever.. I am ranting here about your attitude.

    Anyhow, I’m not against any fansub group, so I say: keep up the work, but please, put down the drama, its annoying (and sometimes fun at the same time, need popcorn !)

  40. 40 anonymous

    Thanks for the quick release.

    and lol drama

  41. 41 Guest

    Thanks for the episode, and gl in ya future!

  42. 42 luke

    wow, you guys get a lot of shit for something that you do in your own free time for others in a form of free stuff!!! but seriously, internet drama and wars and fighting is just stupid! i mean, what’s the point? so people point the finger at you because its all they know, so what?
    anw, thanks for the release.. keep it up

  43. 43 aNty

    why “でござる” was translated as “honorable”?

    because degozaru is somewhat like desu, a way to end sentences. there is no english equivalent. and no, we don’t do translation notes because they’re fucking stupid. so we put “honorable” which is in context to the previous line,
    tl;dr localization

  44. 44 Hazuki

    *sigh* Guys,srsly,CALM THE FUCK DOWN. As power2all say,it’s fine with fansubs criticing another fansub, but this is almost going of the limit, and is just pure flaming. As for lines such as “CHIHIRO SHOULD JUST QUIT” just stop that shit. People complaining about other groups being slow and whatnot should just gtfo and try fansubbing themselfs.
    Im not standing on either coalguys or chihiros side in this, but this un-needed drama/flaming/lulzing/whatnot should just stop. And srsly,Jaka,Grow-up, find a girlfriend, and just give up on that stupid attitude. I dont give a damn even if you say “Im a nice guy IRL” cause that would most likely be bullshit. And sabotage is something a coward would do. I dont know how old you might be, but srsly, even if your like 12,I dont give a damn. Growup anyway. -_-‘

    Sorry for the long post, and have a nice day.

  45. 45 astro

    Lol I like coalguys subs honestly I am not aiming to find THE MOST PERFECT FANSUB IN THE WORLD! as long as its understandable, viewable, & overall good then I will love it thanks for another great release coalguys.

  46. 46 Wb

    Let’s face it, if Kristen spent less time telling people about her breast size, lying to opers to get people kicked and trolling other groups i.e. releasing fake stuff under other groups names…..they -might- be better at fansubbing. I said might.

  47. 47 Cyber1

    Thanks for an ep. I though that Akikan was crap, but now I know it’s an utter crap. Good luck on translating, though: speedsubs are useful to someone as well. And I’m surprised a lot – you’re pretty fast for a group of two. Great job if that’s true.

    Regarding this rant.. I don’t know enough to judge who’s right or wrong (neither I want to know), but I can tell you this:

    Keep in mind that one throwing shit at others can hardly stay clean oneself.

  48. 48 Wb

    I’d like to quote the guy above me “One throwing shit at others can hardly stay clean oneself.”

    Why do you think Chihiro get so much stuff chucked at them?

    I just don’t understand why so many people don’t know about half the shit they’ve done…oh well.

  49. 49 Calan

    look guys i am kawaii editor for fansub “Guys of Coal” and past few days my feelings have been sickly with fever and lightheaded. I apologize for any error cause made by my feveredit but i just try to deliver high quality anime to you fast ok.

  50. 50 Shuffleblade

    Never going to watch anything by Chihiro again ^^ Thats for sure, didn’t know they were like this. Thanks for the headsup and tons of thanks for the great episode!

    Coalguys are great ^^ Your translations are accurate, to the point and “with feeling” and your releases are faster than an Aisaka punch!

    Keep up the goodwork we are all very grateful, amazing work guys!

  51. 51 Rizaria

    Dunno what the deal is, but as far as subs go, CoalGuys are doing a fantastic job. 😮 There hasn’t been anything glaringly obvious about the work here, it’s released in a timely matter and looks damn fine to me. Drama lets me know there’s other groups around perhaps doing the same things, but it’s certainly not making me want to check them out. xD; Sounds all pretty petty to me.

    Thanks for another release guys, downloading now. Try not to let the jerks[98% of the Internetslolz] get to you too much, you know you do quality work, as do the people who constantly download from you. You’ve got nothing to prove.

  52. 52 Rizaria

    Wow, the ‘normal’ girls in Akikan sure are weird. x3; Najimi ‘drunk’ is freakin’ hilarious though.

    But I swear, that government official freaks me out more and more. *shudders* I really feel for Kizaki having to put up with him.

  53. 53 kaguzuchi

    Yeah I watch from both sub groups but this group isn’t as innocent as they try to make themselves seem.
    This just seems like another troll to make them look like the innocent and chihiro as the bad guys. It’s pretty funny to read some of the comments though. Thanks for my daily dose of entertainment!

  54. 54 jooozek

    its like the demoman said

  55. 55 Um

    I believe in what Power2All said.
    In my opinion there is no such thing as quality. No one is perfect and there isn’t any perfect releases.
    People can say their opinions, but bashing other groups is wrong.
    Every team member from every fansub group puts their time and effort
    in releases. So everyone should appreciate fansubbers’ hard work. I know Kristen tries her hardest. And there is always space for improvement, but like I told Kristen, people will continue saying your releases are bad due to the past releases you did, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get better^_^
    Jaka, I’m not blaming your attitude, you must be young.
    From what I had heard, you’re just a teenager. Though you could grow up and ignore the drama going on.

  56. 56 wat

    this ongoing drama just proves all over again that
    * there’s no way to win an internet argument except for knowing when to quit.
    * if you find yourself pick apart something line by line / issue by issue and letting your rage seep into your replies/comments, you’re probably on the losing side
    * if you want to prove someone wrong and gain / keep some credibility yourself, be brief and objective and stay away from personal attacks
    * questioning a person’s age or maturity is hardly a reliable way to get your point across

    “lol internet drama” aside, thanks for the subs.

  57. 57 Reeyo

    Love your quality man. I don’t remember the last time I touched Chihiro. I try to find someone else, there releases are so slow (or at least back when I tried them). Keep up the good work CoalGuys!

  58. 58 Animejunky

    This episode was teh shait. You guys rule. Don’t let the ass lickers get to ya. Thanks for the great work as always.^_^

  59. 59 Um

    Very true, there is no way to win.
    Just wait for both sides to quit the drama^_^

  60. 60 Samhinwk

    Great job again guys!

  61. 61 H

    just a question – do you guys really tl from chinese –> english?

  62. 62 Ladholyman

    Yes, we at Doremi provide chinkified translations. And awesome translations, at that.

  63. 63 Mayu-Genjo Crips


  64. 64 Mayu-Genjo Crips


  65. 65 FalseDawn

    To Soichiro,

    You point out that a haiku is 5,7,5 in form and yet neither group even attempted to do that. What exactly was the point in bringing this up?

    Your friend,

  66. 66 Koniac


    A Japanese haiku doesn’t translate directly into an English haiku, so +1 for lack of common sense.

  67. 67 Lol

    I like oranges.

  68. 68 milkmandan

    Yay drama! anyways…
    For ALL Editors:
    Having errors in your fansub, caused by the editor, is the MOST unacceptable thing in the field of fansubbing.
    For GOD SAKES people, you are editing ENGLISH. Unless English is not your first language, then ALL edits better be 100% perfect or you better stop subbing and go back to high school.



  70. 70 Icy-nee-san

    Finally bothered reading this, this person got owned

  71. 71 Senri

    We are giving +1’s… *Counts fingers* Anybody want to take some of my score from me? xDD

    Thanks for the Akikan 3 Release from Australia again!

  72. 72 Power2All

    Fansubbing… Serious Business…
    Oh shit, this was copyrighted by Dattebayo xD

  73. 73 jkaze

    Sorry, I didn’t read all the post 🙁
    But: Thanx for the release 😉

  74. 74 G0LD

    thanks for the release and the hard work 😀
    zzz sucks all that crap thats being said lol
    everyone eats there hamburger a different way lol

  75. 75 neothe0ne

    “This shit started actually with Jaka deleting allmost all torrents off AniRena.”

    It’s not Jaka’s fault no one from Chihiro archived their own releases. And that in itself should say something about the quality of the releases.

  76. 76 Power2All


    And in the process fucking my network over ?
    I don’t care if Chihiro archives their stuff or not, but deleting things of someone elses work, just because this one person is being crying about anything is pretty weak.
    You should know this as well.

  77. 77 Val Varo

    CoalGuys is faster, so I’ll be here for Akikan.
    However, posting takes time.
    Less typing, more subbing. GO GO GO

  78. 78 lol

    LOL this is so funny.
    Why even bring up anything about another sub group?
    Is this site CoalGuys or Chihiro? Seriously?

    It seems a bit silly for Jaka to be putting down another group when he has been trolling their site for so long.
    Doesn’t give any cred at all.

    Anyway – who cares? I’ll just download from wherever I like 🙂

  79. 79 LolAtYou

    Fast and understandable = win. Therefore, CoalGuys win.

  80. 80 loling around

    coal! woot.

  81. 81 Professor Stein

    Let me sum it up for all you immature little retards commenting below this.

    Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes, Kristen, whoever she is clearly has nothing better to do with her time than nitpick and start shit, which just makes her look like a fucking faggot.

    Not all subs are perfect, and, we all have opinions, I personally won’t DL Chihiro subs now, because god damn, i’m not supporting someone retarded like that.

    Keep up the good work, Coalguys.

  82. 82 neothe0ne

    @Power2All: Bits and bytes aren’t immortal. If you don’t backup your own data, you can’t expect to keep it. Sure I wouldn’t appreciate anyone deleting my “content” (but it’s not like Jaka even did that, torrents aren’t media files and if Chihiro wasn’t even seeding them to begin with….), but even the least computer-rehearsed people out there know that it’s prudent to keep backups. As for your network, sorry? I don’t know the story behind that.

    I simply find it laughable that Chihiro now has an image of itself so far away from reality. Karaoke for every show now, encoding from TS, doing “quality” status updates like Menclave. Everytime I see soichiro11 on anidb, I feel like punching someone as well. You reap what you sow.

  83. 83 TheDeadServ

    I second everything you guys said.

    Chihiro have bad quality TL and that’s what fucks me up the most. My japanese isn’t leveled enough to do fully TL but MORE than enough to NEVER get lost in translation… and shit… simply put:

    Chihiro=sorry excuse for subs!

    I can’t say Coalguys are always spot on but dammit, there’s no lost in translation crap! Only better ways to have some things said like, here and there…!

    Plus… it’s sad to translate another people’s translaion… it’s a fuckin “stupid” certificate.

  84. 84 iloveyou


    no seriously. i approve of you and appreciate.

  85. 85 SiMiK

    Screw Chihiro 😀 ur better a lot…

  86. 86 nathr

    Chihiro = flaming bunch of faggots who suck at subbing.

    Coalguys = teh win.

    nuff said. end of thread.

  87. 87 Silent Xenocide

    I hope Jaka continues to troll Chihiro more in the future, so that I can get my nice daily dose of lulz. Also I don’t understand Soichiro’s Haiku comment. So what if a Haiku is 5-7-5? That doesn’t change the fact they TL’d it wrong.

  88. 88 Sandwitch

    I don’t even care, but why even bother with a response and full their fire.

    Who the fuck cares if they have a bad opinion of your subtitling… Thousands of fans will download your shit regardless, even if it is shitty, which from what I can tell so far IS NOT.

    Keep doing what your doing, because we love you for it.

  89. 89 DaVince

    “eriously, if I had time, I’d watch all your horrible subs and write essays on how bad they are.”

    That’s okay, since they aren’t horrible. 🙂

  90. 90 Phoenix

    Butthurt a lot Chihiro? Yeah, I’m never going to watch your fansubs anymore, because I just can’t realize that you guys actually sink so low to flame Coalguys, who btw are 1000 times better than you guys.

    Nobody gives a shit if there’s small errors in your subs Coalguys, your speed is fucking unbelieveable.

    So fuck off Chihiro, go sit in a corner and whine somewhere else.

  91. 91 nano32

    Quality is overrated. I just need a short sentence to get what they talk about. Not like my eye will stay at the subs and miss the actual anime.

  92. 92 Steppa

    Chihiro’s shitting on other groups work? Seriously? How can they do that considering the shitty job, in my opinion, they did on Rosario to Vampire Capu2. They have zeros karaokes, and I’m not referring to the opening/closing songs alone, I’m referring to the musical numbers that took place in some episodes.

    Fansub groups provide a service for free, and I’m appreciative to all groups that does this. But I guess E-peen measuring must take place from time to time. I have zero complaints about Coal Guy’s work, I find it timely and understandable. I don’t speak Japanese, so who the fuck am I to critique it. All I can say is unlike Chihiro, Cola Guys work doesn’t have holes in my anime where there is dialogue (or song) and there is zero translation to it.

    Keep up the good, timely work Coal, we appreciate it!!

  93. 93 blah_blah

    I realize how stupid this is going to sound-
    but how the hell did she get drunk off carbonation? (I realize it’s a fucked up world where fucking soda cans turn into freaky chicks, but still…)

  94. 94 ToraDoraAddict

    Lol i love coalguys releases, all we really want from a fansub is watchable quality and understandable subs, the fact that other stuff are added in is just a bonus, coalguys are awesome. And if they want to make excuses for late releases its bs cos last time i check dattebayo does just about the same or better than chihiro and subs come out the exact same day, pfft. COALGUYS RULE!

  95. 95 FiSSion

    “it’ll make me look like an asshole (which I am not known for, I am generally a nice guy who avoids drama)”


  96. 96 Bill Broerman

    There is noticeably a bundle to know about this. I assume you made certain nice points in features also.

  97. 97 Paulene Fitzherbert

    Wow, marvelous blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your site is magnificent, as well as the content!. Thanks For Your article about Akikan! 03 and more drama at CoalGuys .

  98. 98 Casey Schwabe

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  99. 99 Heike Batiz

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  100. 100 Randee Brothen

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