Akikan! 02

God fucking damnit, fuck you tun. Thanks a lot for making me waste 4 hours for nothing.

Anyway, back on topic.

Contradictory to popular belief, we don’t have o9k staff. All 3 shows we’re doing are basically solos (w/ an editor and sometimes an encoder). Since I am also tl/timing another series for another group starting this week, it puts me to 4 shows total w/ 3 solos. I’m fine with doing 4 shows, but I’m not really looking forward to it because it requires quite a lot of :effort: and I will have to sacrifice some important sleep (I get like less than 6 everyday and not to mention I’m a growing teenager -v-;) and some study time.

So, that brings me to my main point:

I’m looking/recruiting one translator who will translate only one series for me. Asu no Yoichi! preferred (You’ll get closed captions for that one), but if you want to do something else, we can talk it out. Translations only, that means I’ll do everything else apart from edit/tl. If you’re interested, drop by in our IRC channel and PM Mango-chan (Me) or e-mail me at [email protected]

Note: Japanese > English is preferred, but Chinese > English is sure fine, too. You’ll also need to have a certain amount of speed.

P.S. I’m not really expecting someone to find me, but whatever, at least I tried ;_;

Found one. 8D

Enjoy your QUALITY.

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26 Responses to “Akikan! 02”

  1. 1 EvilSoc

    Thanks guys!

  2. 2 AnimeJunky

    Keep up the good work. I hate people who complain its taking to long. I hope you guys don’t drop any of these anime.=]

  3. 3 Kupi

    Thx a lot! =]

  4. 4 seph

    Thanks for the release.

  5. 5 AnimeJunky

    Who is the fuckers who can’t even handle Hyakko. You give up 3 episodes before its finished. So I wouldn’t be saying shit Mayu fags.=] Coal guys are better than yall. Go Coal.^^

  6. 6 Doomzzg

    Wasn’t the last episode a pre episode? So this should be episode 1. But fucking hell, who cares? Only me probably D:

    Cheers for another episode.

  7. 7 Hibiki

    For some reason, I feel like I’m back in the 90s with Akikan’s animation quality

  8. 8 Hibiki

    Still, thanks for the sub

  9. 9 Darkblue

    Thanks for the release..

  10. 10 pbjt


  11. 11 Dearka

    thx coalguys for another great release of akikan!

  12. 12 jkaze

    thanx for the release 😉

  13. 13 Anonymous

    Seems like the episode freezes up after 4 – 6 minutes

    Stop using vlc

  14. 14 rachelmon

    thanks for this! you sure have quality ^^

  15. 15 agg-san

    i was wondering, is ur subs trolls or the real deal?

    I SUPPOSE THE LATTER but whatever, check for yourself and if you don’t like it, delete it

  16. 16 agg-san

    no need to go emo about it, it was just a question

  17. 17 Nazarielle

    needs moar trollans

  18. 18 Nig

    nigger nigger nigger nigger

  19. 19 xess

    The subs are real. Once another group releases ep 02, just compare it and you’ll notice it’ll pretty much be the same. Unless the other side is trolling. But all the vulgarities and sexual references in the episode is actually what they’re saying, pretty much.

  20. 20 SrgMkv

    Thank you.

    Daichi reads the book “Dictionary of modern Russian literary language”.
    Title was written without any mistypes. 🙂

  21. 21 Sinergy

    1 thing i love with coalguys is that they include chapters 🙂

  22. 22 chad001

    Thanks for the relesase guys… umm… just to ask, could you guys release an SD version… cause my comp sucks… so I keep getting out of sync… just asking, I can always convert it, but it takes a couple hours… so pleases… up an SD version, k thnx for reading this…

    it’s 2009, bro

    – And the releases are SD. 480p = SD.

  23. 23 seph

    Why IS this in SD anyway? Is no one releasing the raws in widescreen?

    SD =/= 4:3 you dimwit. Also, it’s in SD because lol upscales.

  24. 24 xess

    SD does mean widescreen in this case.

  25. 25 suiton

    I guess for this series, you guys are the one to get it from (at least for now…)

  26. 26 suiton

    [Raws-4U] Akikan – 01 (BS11 1024×576 x264 AAC 24fps).​mp4

    Is it possible for you guys to use that as the source instead?

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