Akikan! 01 (Pre-Broadcast) & ef – a tale of melodies 12

So, now ef has ended( ;_;), we have picked up a new show with us: Akikan!

Please do not complain about the video quality, this is just a re-encoded early-broadcast stream. The show will truly being to broadcast on the 3rd of January. When the TV rip is available, we will use it to make something better. :3

For now, enjoy your Melon! (mai new waifu)

ef – a tale of melodies 12 download: [ Torrent | Subtitle Script ]

Akikan! 01 (Early-Broadcast) : [ Torrent | Subtitle Script ]

P.S. Thanks to the two translators who helped me on Akikan! :3

20 Responses to “Akikan! 01 (Pre-Broadcast) & ef – a tale of melodies 12”

  1. 1 suiton

    show sucks

  2. 2 randomAdmin


  3. 3 CoalGuys

    faggotry indeed

  4. 4 Cyber1

    Thanks for ef, guys. Though not everything with your releases was as smooth as I wanted to, you still managed to beat most competitors in speed, and you provide separate .ass’s – this is a bless for impatient ones (like your humble servant) who download raws as soon as they appear on BT. Keep up the good work on other shows, and may the luck be on your side.
    Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year!

  5. 5 PBJT

    Show is awesome. Thx for release =]

  6. 6 SnooSnoo

    SHAFT sucks balls for screwing up the Ef epilogue with Yuu and Yuuko.

  7. 7 DaVince

    Akikan sounds… weird. Let’s see how many clichés will be brought up in it.

  8. 8 edogawaconan


  9. 9 Webbmaster62

    What’s with all the hate?? Damm, the ones hating need to get a life.

  10. 10 Tricky

    this show is awesome!!!

  11. 11 Test

    Don’t worry, even 95% of the staff hates the show

  12. 12 goodbad

    How can you say you hate it after just one episode? Bit harsh ain’t it?

  13. 13 PBJT

    Akikan seems pretty good =\
    Hopefully this group doesn’t drop it halfway

  14. 14 workforce

    Thanks for the episodes guys ! …

    is there any chance that you guys can make a batch for all of your ep’s ? (5-12 that is) 🙂

    just wondering….

    keep up the great effort

  15. 15 DaVince

    Okay, this series sure is strange. Also: everyone’s blatantly stating their own personal experiences and secrets just like that. (I LIKE MEN; I haven’t had a girlfriend in all my life; etc.)

    MIGHT get interesting, but probably not really.

  16. 16 arcx2

    great show me want more ^^

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  20. 20 DaVince

    After a medium long break from anime I’ll have to conclude that this series absolutely looks like shit. Sorry, whoever made the series, but seriously, this feels like an “anyone who’s too much into anime would probably happily watch low-quality stuff too”. At least, it feels like that.

    Just my opinion. Please don’t spam me with stupid comments like “die” and “omg u sux”. 😛

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