ef – a tale of melodies 11

I really didn’t know how did I allow myself to do this instead of studying for an exam… sigh

Also, Toradora 12 delayed till tomorrow since the editor had finals and I have an exam tomorrow.

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5 Responses to “ef – a tale of melodies 11”

  1. 1 nililn


    I wonder why a Spanish group would bother to brag here, provided that most people won’t even understand what they are saying. I have three words for you guys: YOU FAIL HARD


    Many thanks for subbing ef. I wouldn’t be following it if it weren’t for you.

    I don’t watch ToraDora, but hey, you don’t have to explain neither apologize late releases. After all, RL >>>>>>>>>>>>> e-penis.

  2. 2 Wat

    KKF es tan malo, que a pesar que según su página llevan 2 años haciendo subs, es la primera vez que escucho de ellos. GTFO.

    @CoalGuys: No need to explain any delays. Exams/work should always be first.

  3. 3 mangum44

    Yeah, thanks guys for your efforts, you rock. Also WTF, KKF? Pendejos de mierda, id a tomar por culo. Cursing in spanish is awesome. Anyways, good luck in your exams.

  4. 4 Kalid

    Me gusto el template que hay en el sitio, ¿Donde puedo encontrar el mismo o uno parecido?

  5. 5 thesis

    Your study is quite high-quality and also realistic. I believe you should do more research regarding the topic ef – a tale of melodies 11.

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