ef – a tale of melodies 10

Apparently someone thought it was funny to troll us with an episode 10 filled with penises.

Don’t worry, we forgive you. 8D

P.S. A “fuck you” to SHAFT from the editor because they were faggots and changed the climax scene.

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5 Responses to “ef – a tale of melodies 10”

  1. 1 Joseph

    Yeah man, i got trolled, for a moment i though it was really you guys, but then i cloudn’t belive since you guys have been subbing Toradora (Good work and speed by the way)

    So i just come here to check it out

  2. 2 Evilmonkey

    What do you mean they changed the climax scene? Should I wait for the DVD rips? Or is it no big deal?

  3. 3 Cyber1

    Thanks for release, guys. Your speed is unrivaled, as always. Though this time you seem to have changed raw source, since now timing of .ass doesn’t match Zero-Raws’ release… Could you state what raw you time your script to next time? For example, I already have Toradora’s ep.11 raw from Zero-Raws, and I’d like to know whether/how much will I have to shift your upcoming script for it to match a raw I have.

  4. 4 CoalGuys

    @Cyber1, it was timed to some random 250mb 576p raw we got on share

    @Evilmonkey, it means that t hey changed the way it was presented, or rather cut out some stuff if you will… I doubt the dvd will be different

    @Joseph, what

  5. 5 hafizan89

    bloody hell, I got trolled! And I was bloody f’ing angry cause I got a slow internet connection. got to download it back…

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